Day 6

I usually wait until dead on 9.15pm to write my daily thread but felt a bit down last night.

I cried for ages for no reason - actually thought I'd got away with all of that. Feeling more normal this morning so hopefully thats it.

Told all my mates off on here last night :rolleyes: I could almost see John, Dale and Sian all squeezed up on the naughty step hanging their heads in shame :D

So all in all not turning out to be the best day of the week.

Weirdest noticeable physical change - I have had a tiny mole on the edge of my lip for years. I know it's a mole because I went to the GP and she confirmed it was and told me it can't be removed as it's not a problem. I could get it done privately blah blah blah. Anyway I was a bit like this :eek: when I looked in the mirror. The so called mole has gone :eek: How can it just have disappeared. Obviously it wasn't a mole and was caused by smoking but how weird is that.

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  • Karri

    Well done for getting this far!!!!

    In the early days you will feel very emotional but then the good feelings when you get to a milestone ie a week, month outweigh this.

    Just keep going and the further you get the better you will feel. I just kept thinking to myself how dissapointed I would feel if I smoked and that got me through. As soon as you get a craving just try and think of something else. I used to talk to my cravings telling them to go away (people must of thought I was mad!!!)

    It does get easier I promise. xxxx

  • *emailing from the naughty step* :D:D:D

    Hi Hon

    So sorry you were down yesterday, probably a combination of the no smoking and the horrid bug you've got. Fear not, you are not alone (hug) I cried over almost everything (Location, Location Location at one point - not the most emotionally charged prog on TV!!). It will go, although I have found that the crying/miserable thing has been more of an issue for me that the cravings!

    As for telling us off. No you didn't, you just reminded us we're supposed to be grown-ups and that actually we were being a bit rude to Jack. So 3 cheers for you, and boo hiss to me, John and Sian. Mind you that John does have a big bottom, there's no room at all on this step!

    I am so very very pleased for you that you're doing so well, and am routing for you 120%


    Please can I get off this step now, bum getting a bit numb?:D

  • Told all my mates off on here last night :rolleyes: I could almost see John, Dale and Sian all squeezed up on the naughty step hanging their heads in shame :D

    So all in all not turning ut to be the best day of the week.

    Glad I wasn't logged on last night when the telling off was happening cos I'm a right wimp, but really pleased you've made it to day 6 Karri, well done my lovely!

    Did you check your bum for the missing mole? :D

    Marilyn x

  • Hi Karri

    Sorry you are feeling down - good news is no one holds any grudges on here and it is the ideal place to sound off when you need too.

    Hope you are feeling better today!! :D


  • Wasn't here last night, I went to bed at 9.30 ish :eek:

    I could so use a burst of energy right now!

    Anyway well done Karri, you are doing so well :D

  • No, I don't think so. I was feeling really sick so decided to go to bed but woke up every 30 mins feeling ill throughout the night. The when my alarm went off I didn't want to get up! I feel ok now though

  • You can do it Karri!

    Looking forward to your day 7 post.


  • I echo Hodges comment....looking forward to your day 7 post also.

  • That first week for me seemed to go so slowly but time is flying by now, you have done so well :D:D:D

  • Your going great guns Karri keep it up hun.

    With you all the way. Joan xxx

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