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Feeling smug!

The scene:

2 O'clock in the morning. Kitchen table covered in empty wine bottles and still full glasses. Husband has gone to bed in despair at the drunken state of me and friend.

Friend (who is a seriously light-weight smoker, 2 - 3 a month, (sod)) asks if I would mind if he had a fag. No says I, mentally cursing the fact that actually I'm only being polite and I REALLY REALLY DON'T WANT HIM TO SMOKE!

Out come the cigs and as if in a dream I say "oh, go on I'll have one too". He hands me a cig, and a lighter. Oh it's feels lovely. Nice little ciggie back in the hand where it should be. mmmmmmm

Are you sure asks friend?

Me: Yup........ well maybe not..... no perhaps I won't..... no in fact def. not.

I hand the cigarette and lighter back and carry on the more serious business of destroying my brain via alcohol instead!

YES YES YES. How smug do I feel!!!:D

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I hope you feel humungously smug and that he felt so bad about passing you a cig that he has to give up to feel better.

You will regret many things over the years but this is one thing that you want, hope you didnt have too much of a hang over.


Monumentally awful hangover, but so did he - and he had the awful taste of -fag-from-the-night-before. Which I didn't HAHAHAHA! :D


That's amazing! So unbelieveable i almost dont believe it - but i do, if that makes sense:p

No idea how you scrambled back from that one, but well done for managing to resist!:D Never mind smug - you can be SMUGORAMA for that one :D

Or if you like, smug as a bug in a rug!! I'm punning all over the place today:)


I had to smile when you say that you found it hard to believe that Dale passed the fag back and carried on drinking, you wait there will come a time in the not too distant future where you will be in the same position and because Dale is firm in her commitment to quit and to stay quit she was able to say naaaa you have it and I truly hope that when you are being offered one Lullabel, I hope you will remember this chat and that you too will come on here because you will feel smug and tell us all about it.


Excellent, well done you! Even after huge amounts of alcohol you still managed to stay strong; I'm seriously impressed Dale :cool:


Gordon H. Bennett. I'm SO IMPRESSED.

Way to go Dale!!


Thanks everyone. To be honest I'm not sure how I did it myself!

Now why if I can do that, can I not find enough will power to stop me eating the remaining half of the New York Cheesecake that is currently (and not for much longer) residing in the fridge.:(

Methinks the 40 odd quid I invested in a 12 week membership of Slimming World last week, may not have been my greatest ever investment!!

BTW small tip: do not drink vodka, white wine, rose wine, red wine, more red wine and then more vodka in one evening. It hurts.


How amazing are you - no wonder you are smug :)

That just shows how far you have come and you are officially a non smoker :)

So, how old is he, is he single, does he put out on a first date ;)

Thanks sweetie, but no way am I a non-smoker yet. Got through one crisis and honestly think had I been a teensiest bit more sober I might have collapsed and smoked!

Important stuff: Age 38 (so too young for me), he's married (boo hiss), but (whispering as husband next door) very very cute. RATS just remembered I'm married too!!! Just a good friend sigggggh


I don't believe you would have done. You are stronger than you think :)

AAHHHH, Thanks hon

xxxxxxxxxxxx <----- nowhere near enough!


Brilliant Dale! You have every right to be smug :D:D

This is what I dread, my family are all smokers and due to visit at Easter and we get very silly and very drunk. I have however prepared a bit and my husband has one of those e-cigs things so I have bought nicotine free cartridges so if I insist on joining them after a bottle of tequila and sambuca shots I will be passed that! lol I probably won't drink much just incase though.


Oh Chrissie, trust me if I can do it you can. I have the backbone of a very floppy worm normally, I really do.

I honestly think a large part of it was the thought of coming on here and confessing. It really helped, and I do remember my addled brain thinking about this forum.

Plus I was lucky, my friend really is a light-weight smoker, so in 7 odd hours of some very committed drinking he only had 2 cigs and once I'd said No to the first one the second one was easy.

You've planned well so I'm CERTAIN you'll get through it.



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