9th March 2011

Having just spent hours looking through posts on this forum, I have decided not to prolong my day zero (it's already been prolonged by 20+ years!) and actually set a date. I don't NEED another 2,3,4 etc weeks at all.

Reading one thread about pancakes, I love the fact the NSD is on Ash Wednesday! So, 9th March it is! And I'm looking forward to it with a kid-waiting-for-santa type feeling :)

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  • Well done Nat, nice thinking! Best of luck with the quit, keep reading and keep posting!

  • I know WE can do it Karri!!:p

  • And reading people's signatures is truly inspiring - I want to have a 'smoke free since' line too! Well done everyone that already has one, if you ever feel like caving in, just think how much your achievements mean to someone like me... I want to be you for goodness sake, trust me, you don't want to be me! ;)

  • Go Nat! :DGood for you bringing your date forward and it's great that you're looking forward to it.

    My tiny piece of advice would be to expect some bumpy bits - i've been really looking forward to a quit before and then when i actually quit and widthdrawal hits, brain said "errr, this wasnt what i was expecting at all, cig please" and it was downhill from there (after about 8 hours!) but when i've been prepared for the bumpy bits, although widthdrawal is par for the course at least brain has been more "ah, i know what this is and i CHOSE to do this for the greater good, carry on".

    PS - does anyone else's brain talk to them like it's a separate entity?

  • Brain talking separately. Isn't that normal?????:D

  • Thanks guys! You totally rock!

    3 weeks ago I was smoking 40ish a day (mon - thurs) and 60ish a day (fri - sun) :eek: and now I'm down to 2 a day. If I can do THAT, I so don't need those 2!

    I know it'll be a bumpy ride at times, but I found already that before reaching for NRT, if I want a cig, I get on the floor and do 20 sit ups (also mindful of the weight gain thing post-smoking) and by the time I've huffed and puffed my way through that, my craving has gone as I'm too focused on my poor aching tummy muscles. So in a few months I'll have a svelt smooth flat tummy too!?!!! ;)

    Over the years and countless attempts to quit, I have learnd a LOT, particulalry from Alan C in terms of reinterpreting the cravings, which is a big help for me, so this time a combo of methods will do it, I'm determined. No more excuses! I don't want to be a smoker!

  • Way to go.

    I may have to go and lie down now as the very thought of exercise...!

    No joking. I'm running (well I call it running, tortoise next door still beating me) and geo-caching both of which help the resolve as I can really feel the difference in my lungs.

    I did patches and gum for the first week, then gum only, and as you know going to ditch gum on the 9th!

  • What on earth is geo-caching? Sounds painful or expensive???

  • What on earth is geo-caching? Sounds painful or expensive???

    Sounds painfully expensive!

  • double ditto!!!

  • Its just modern day treasure hunts Costs zero and is huge fun. Look at Boo's posts as Karri says, and google it!

  • Wow... looked at Boo's post and started to google it... think my next few hours will be learning all about it, looks loads of fun!!!!! :) About time I got a new hobby and something to get me out of the house (where my weakest times are re the cigs)! Thanks guys Nx

  • Good luck for Wednesday, look forward to hearing more from you.

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