June 2011 Social Group

Hi Everyone :)

Seeing as I've seniority having quit first :) I've created a social group called Class of June 2011 if anybody would like to join. I've invited a few members, feel free to come and joint and invite any other June quitters you can. I'll be a handy place for us all to keep an eye on each other and offer support and help if we can.

See ya there!!!!! :) :)

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  • :)Joined pronto!!!!!!:)

  • Thanks for the invite. I am determined this will be the final quit group I join on here. Look forward to getting to know you all.

  • Love to Blondie, thanks for creating the group :D

  • Hello guys, thanks for signing up. Hopefully we'll be shoulders to lean on, or cry on :)

  • Hey!

    This is a great idea, can I join in? It would be great to have folks to talk to that are going through the same things. :D

  • Sarah, of course you can join - I've invited you so you just need to accept :)

  • Thanks!

    Accepted! :D

  • I'll add you to my signature - welcome aboard :)

  • Thanks for having me!

    I've updated my signature, too. :)

  • Hi Blondie72 - Another June quitter here, may i join the group please?:)

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