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Day 2...yay.


I'm actually quite excited about it being day 2 :).

After a stressy evening where I had to avoid everyone and go to bed early, I feel a bit better today. I woke up 6 times in the night though :( I'm powering through it!!!

My parents announced today that they will match what I save for my travels if I continue not smoking...this is good news...however I did tell them that I would do it regardless.

Anyway - smiles all round! Applied for my Australian working visa last night as well. Planning to head off in May!

Coralie :)

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Glad you made it through your first day as well! It feels quite good doesn't it!

I actually feel strange today! Not missing it so much, but more like I have a cold coming.

Last night was tough though! I had the strongest craving on teh way out the office, then I was at a kids activity I run, and I felt great, cause I never smoke in fount of the kids I think, then I got home and the min I sat on the sofa I was practically in tears! In the end I just went to be super early. Actually slept well, maybe thats why I'm feeling better!

Think I may go to the cinema tonight - Can't smoke there can I?!?!?!

Are you using NRT?


Yay that's good that you got through day 1 too.

I also had a few minutes of tears last night. I was totally frustrated at something rather small...But I just let it out.

I think you can get cold like symptoms from quitting, but it's your body cleaning itself out...alternatively it could actually be a cold! Maybe take some vit c?

Cinema good idea! What to see? I am not using NRT - I am eating sweets, fruit and chewing gum. I am trying to limit the sweets though but they do help. Used inhalator before but I became quite hooked on that so I thought I'd try CT. Are you using any?

C x

No NRT - I have in the past and then I read an e-book that said that that just makes it longer and it only lasts 3 days, so I thought I'd try without.

My boss is also addicted to the gum, has been on it for 2 -3 years, so that kinda worries me!

Dunno what I wanna see, just being at home seemed to push me over the edge last night, I think i just need to stay out the house.

I really need some help or ideas to learn to deal with it at home. I used to smoke on the balcony off my living room, in the door way so I could still see / hear the TV and talk to anyone else in the room. The min I sat on the sofa last night I wanted to go the door. I locked the door and the key is ion hubbie's keys so i can't get out there without him knowing, but it doesn't stop me wanting to and thats what made me cry!

I can't avoid my living room for ever though! Will have to research ideas!


I've heard Black Swan is good. I'm off to see the new Reese Witherspoon one - how do you know - with boyf and sis on Sunday.

I think each to their own, but CT is right for me now. If I feel weak though, i'd sooner get another inhalator than have a cigarette!

I read somewhere not to avoid things you normally do as you need to be able to enjoy the things you liked before without cigarettes (I, for one, will find it difficult not to enjoy a cider or wine with a cig on wkends, but I plan to continue - not avoid - drinking so that I make new memories without them and realise I can enjoy these things...even though I don't feel like I will now).

So I wouldn't avoid the living room. Maybe take some healthy snacks in with you...carrot sticks? Get used to being in there without smoking?



I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have patio doors and a balcony in my living room and I loved the feeling of sitthing there inside if it was cold with the door open, the hubby sitting on the sofa and sitting chatting with a cuppa. There are still times, after 33 days that I forget I am a non-smoker and after dinner get up to go over to the window, it gets easier though. I no longer associate my living room with smoking at all, just the odd time I would take notion. I just honed in on the TV when I was there or swtiched a movie on, that seemed to help.


God...I cannot control my emotions through this quit. When I feel emotional I'm bursting into tears. It's most embarrassing. I guess I'd forget about it and smoke for 5 minutes in the past.

I'm just telling myself to breathe. and having a cup of tea.

Poor you!

Just gotta ride it all out though I guess. Just take a deep breath and maybe a walk?

Good Luck!

Hi all i tink all us quitters who quit on the 31-1 are having a bit of a bad time but do keep up all the good work. :) I am also feeling a tiny bit stressed today but gonna keep at it, i know it may get worse before it gets better but it will be worth it in the end. Come on us day two-ers WE CAN DO IT :D


So...feeling better had a few cries and feel a bit mental but I know its frustration.

I've eaten a load of chocolate and I'm craving a G+t which i never drink...but meeting an old friend for a drink in half an hour (she doesn't smoke) so trying to power through. Can't wait for day 3 (Tomorrow) to be over....

Hope you guys are feeling okay xx

I feel like I have a bit of a cold and a bit light headed too. The hunger is frustrating too, we can do it though, keep up the good work and look forward to moving to Day 3

Hunger is very frustrating. I can't control it at all :(

You're probably lightheaded as there's more oxygen going around your body :)

didnt think about the oxygen - actually feels a bit like a fuzzy head after a glass or two of wine (wishful thinking). I think we have to forgive ourselves a few pounds, cant fight the hunger completely !!

Actually I read somewhere that some people are more affected by alcohol after stopping smoking!

I already gained over a stone this past year...god help me! I am starting running next week. So that may help... :)

I remember my 1st few days and I did too feel like I was getting a cold, got headaches, felt lethargic, crabby etc.

I assure you the feelings do pass over the new few days so stick with it :)

One of the next things you will get more than likely is a runny nose :)

Shaz x

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