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Day 4, 1 day at a time

Hi all,

I am so glad ady 3 is out of the way, it was by far my worst day. I had headaches, runny nose, temper tantrums and wanted so much to have a smoke.

My hubby went out for an hour or so and as soon as he went out the door and I was on my own I wanted a cigarette. I had got so much support from my friends on Facebook that I decided the best thing to do was to run a bath and have a long soak.

My seeping pattern has been all over the place and as I was so tired it made me fall asleep in the bath so and hour later when the hubby shouted up the stairs and I woke up I was as wrinkly as a prune but happy that my hubby was back.

I was so tired I was in bed early but couldn't sleep, instead I laid there tired as anything listening to the noise of my hubby in the next room watching a film.

Slept in this morning for work, was almost late. It's day 8 of my Champix tablets so I have been upped to 1mg twice a day, went to the fridge and saw I had no yoghurts left to take my tablet with so I had to take it at work after eating an alpen bar, trust me I have made the mistake of taking it on an empty stomach and I wouldn't reccomend it as it makes you feel so sick for about half an hour.

So far I've had a couple of small cravings, nothing I can't handle, runny nose is here so I have my roll of toilet paper on my desk! I am worried about tomorrow because that is my night of drinking so I am trying to get it into my head that I can reduce my drinking and also drink a few cans of energy drink and I will be ok.

Anyhoo my essay is almost over but I just want to say well done to everyone who is now a none smoker whether you be on day 1 or day 1,000.

Shaz x

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Well done Shaz, you're getting there.

I know it feels better to get your feelings off your chest whether writing on here or talking to someone who understands what you're going through.

Don't worry about tomorrow night, walk into it with your head held high as you're now a non-smoker with the confidence that nothing and no one is going to change that fact ;)


Well done to you Shaz :D

Friday night is also my 'Wine' night & I can hand on my heart say it wasn't a problem. We are so strong at the beginning of our quit that it really was ok ;)

Have a good, strong smoke free day today :p

Gaynor x


Thanks Pete & Gaynor

I was just thinking and today was supopsed to be my 'quit day' as when I started Champix I chose day 8 as the day to stop however on day 4 of the tablets I just stopped :)

Felling positive now hoping this feeling lasts!

Shaz x


That's brilliant Shaz,

You hang on to feeling great & if you got a wobbly moment go back & read your 'positive' posts. I do that sometimes & think 'was that really me'? Helps to give you a kick up the bum sometimes :eek:

Well, I should have been at work @ 8.15 & am still sat on my sofa so better get a wriggle on :mad: Just hope they are not funny with me or will just turn straight back round again!!!! :p

Gaynor xx


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