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First time posting in day 4 :)

IM so happy!!! ill be waking up into day 4 tomorrow, im getting a post in early as i find it helps the feel of commitment and union in this whole thing. wearing a patch half the day, as i go gym in the morning and angers me when it slides of my arm when i get hot :mad: such a waste. but i have quick mist for the morning :)

Im finding it suprsingly easy this time. i feel different.

everyyime i quit before i thought 'oh im going to want one when this comes up' or 'oh i dont want to feel the cravings'. this time my brain says it still but im ok with it, i have accepted i wont be ok with it for a long time, i will want a ciggy for a good few months, its normal for any addict. but as so many people have quit, it must get better or no one would succeed. this time im ok to suffer if thats what it takes!

anyways. hope eevryone else is feeling ok on their day 4-7. keep it up! xxx

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Im finding it suprsingly easy this time. i feel different.

Well done Nikki.

We all have to remember that no quit is likely to succeed without a certain amount of will power. Patches, sprays etc can only help so much. Once we get the right attitude ingrained in our heads the whole quit becomes much easier. Nikki you seem to have moved onto a different level with this quit where you have got your thought process working with you as opposed to against you. You seem to me to have the positive attitude of a successful quiter.

Stay positve and you never know it may not be as bad as your expecting.

The good news is that yes it certainly does get better

And yes 23 is too young to start killing yourself.



Just reading day 4 has been a bit of a devil for you in the past. Now is the time to put day 4 to bed smoke free. You can do it this time.

Remember just be positive. You know you can do it


Thank you for your messages, im now well into day 4 and still dont want to smoke so im sure ill be saying hello to day 5 tomorrow morning :) xxx


Yes day 5. Bring it on. Well done


Hey Nikki

I feel bad for you try not too beat yourself up too much you know what they say if at first you dont succeed try try again!!

Good luck wi the op



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