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a spring in my step

well today is day 6. Been to my doctors for my 2 weekly chat. told her the truth that in the 6 days i have had a puff of a cigarette a few times during the 6 days. thought that i was going to get shouted at etc etc. but all was good. was told that considering i've been smoking 20 a day roughly for 22 yrs then admitting that i have just had i what i said then i should be proud and not beat myself up. the weekend was tough, not being at work with something to concentrate on was the hardest part. felt cranky pretty much most of sunday and with the wife being pregnant really not the best combo. after sitting in different rooms i remembered that the wife had a copy of Allen Carr's Easyway to quit. never read it nor had any reason to but after sitting in different rooms i decided to pick it up. 5 hrs later i had read cover to cover and today im ready to take this head on. all the stuff in the book is so right and just by changing the way you think about things seems to be working wonders with me. been to the gym at lunch for a full workout and looking forward to fighting this stupid addiction head on.

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............ and i hope you and your wife are sitting in the same room once again?:rolleyes:

Well done though David, they say every cloud has a silver lining and yours found you Allen Carr and a new mental attitude.


Hi David,

It's a good thing you found Allen Carr because by having 'a few puffs' you were showing that you just weren't mentally in the right place to quit (though you may have wanted to be).

Glad you found AC so inspiring... he really does put everything in a logical persepective... problem is that us smokers (or ex-smokers!) aren't always that logical with our decisions!

Eitherway, well done


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