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Uuuuugghh! Head and brick wall springs to mind!

So I am back again trying to get off the fags once more....

I am really struggling this time. I have serious concentration issues and think I am getting more dumb by the day - even my boss has pulled me and asked what my problem is!!!. My head is thumping all the time, my throat feels swollen and is really sore and I have a persistent cough. Oh..and I am soooo tired all the time, I feel like I'm not sleeping but I know that I am. Everythings sounds slightly muted too...:confused:

I have tried cold turkey each morning but quickly start back on the NRT because I worry that I will litterally pull my boyfriends head clean off his shoulders with my bare hands, and thats only within the first 45 minutes of the day!!!! He is a bit nippy on it as he is quitting too, we may be single by the end of this but at this poin in time I dont really give a fuzz....gggrrr grrrr

I am currently gorging myself on lozenges, gum, inhalator and that e-lite electronic ciggy thing which tastes like manure :mad: I tried a patch aswell yesterday but it made my arm itch worse than a badgers arse so I had to take it off before I tore my own arm off...honestly!!!.....send me to the front line, I could kill all round me and my language would make chubby brown blush!!

I was tempted to ask my gp for Champix but have been on Anti depressants for the past few months and have heard that Champix isnt really the best option for those with a history of depression :confused:

I spent my lunch break looking at shisha pipes and thinking that getting one with some nicotine free stuff to smoke might sort the problem...uuurrgghh!!! Will daddle on for now as my head has an appointment for a one to one with a brick wall :rolleyes:

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Hi Loopyness

Nice to meet you

Dare I speak to you or am I risking my head/arm/leg/all of the above! :D

I hear all your troubles but I'm reading between the lines and actually seeing must be as you have made the decision to try again :)

Maybe some of the physical things you are feeling are from too much nicotine? Are you using all the products at the same time?

I have dabbled with each type too and I'm sure at one point I was having more than I would have had if I was still smoking?

Just a thought maybe.

We all know that anger and depression are big quitting symptoms but I have not experienced the anger yet, depression yes, but anger no........well ..... no more than I already was before I quite anyway! arf arf

I hope you find the peace to carry on with your quit soon as I'm thinking your posts could be really good :D

Now come and get a big sloppy kiss and a hug from the group :eek:

8 .... 9 ..... 10 .... and relax.

Take care



Cheers Nifty - You are safe to respond, my poor other half seems to be bearing the brunt of it...but then if he is stupid enough to push my buttons then thats what happens I guess and plus he is snappy too so I feel justified in being moody with him.....ooohh! I think I might buy a punch bag from smyths toys...and a baseball bat!!...but then we would probably spend all our time arguing over who's turn it is ;)

I think you might be right about over doing the nicotine....I see people with the inhalator and they are kinda of "smoking" it...whereas I am sucking on it like its a flippin gas and air and I'm 10 days into established labour...sometimes with a lozenge firmly stuck to the roof of my mouth at the same time.

No suprise really...I could smoke a roll up quicker than a pit team changes one wheel on a formula 1 car :eek: so it appears I am using NRT in the same manner (currently have the inhalator clamped between my teeth but must remove as its starting to fill with dribble :o)

I keep taking deep breaths in attempt to calm myself...but I think I may need to do this into a brown paper bag for a better effect...

Thanks again for your reply..this forum I think may just be what I need to keep me sane (ish) :)


Hi Loopyness, I've been there. I was so tired all the time I could have slept on a clothesline.

Patches.... Wave them about for a minute to disperse the alcohol and they won't itch. I've written this so often it should be a sticky.

I had an inhalator and I smoked it like a cigarette.

Another thing to do is take 3 very deep breaths, hold it and let it out slowly. Do this every hour at first and when you have a crave. It does work.

Come on here a lot and read loads of posts.

Good luck


Wave the patch around!! Top tip...I have never heard that before and will defo give it a try.

The tiredness really is a sucker....I think maybe some pro plus might help or I could go all out and get some Strawberry Nesquick Milkshake and Skittles ;) something in them gives me a boost bigger than the duracell bunny with a rocket up his jacksy :eek:

How long do you think the tiredness and headaches will go on for? I feel like I need to have a loose lipped head shake every 3 minutes but then I don't want to look like a tom and jerry extra!!!


Well dear Loopyness. I think I love you, but try and slow down! Sleep if you want, but not at work obviously. Some people cant sleep and I think thats worse. Also try and remember that we are all gaining something here and I dont mean kilos although ...We are gaining freedom,wealth health and self respect. But I do sympathise with the NRT frenzy, I am terrified of craving in case I give in, Hope the waved around patches work because you can just slap one on and forget it all. Good luck . Please keep posting, you are sooo funny


I can honestly say I'm struggling to keep up with you Loopy but you crack me up! :D :D

Excellent posts!

Keep 'em coming, as eventually you gotta run out of steam surely?



Absolutely brilliant and dare I say again? Positive! :)

Shout at me/us rather than your other half, we're further away and easier to divorce!

tee hee!

Keep going Loopy, we're in this together

All the best




My tiredness lasted about 3 weeks. I should have taken vitamins. When I did start taking them it made a big difference. I still take high potency vitamins. B complex, C, D3, zinc with copper and magnesium. For the magnesium I started on 400mgs/ day. These work great for constipation another symptom most people get. I had to cut down to 300 and then 200 after a couple of weeks because they work too well:D

I can't comment on the headaches because I've never ever had one.


Hey Loopyness, love the username.....the rage? I'm with you on that, MY username was chosen on my day 3 and was not picked out of a hat :rolleyes: I notice you only have a dozen or so posts though? Post on here loads and loads, it will help you (and those around you :D, it did for me).

Great posts, stick with it, will look out for you ;) !!


Thanks Guys...Una!! You have never had a headache!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Lucky you...unfortunately I live with one 24/7, I would ask him to move out but he walks the dog each night and its getting really cold so I don't fancy the task ;)

I will come on here to rant if you dont mind..I think it is helping, thanks :) (alongside the gum stuck under my tongue as we speak..but at least I managed to put the inhalator down...its wiggling its bootie at me as we speak but I will not give in...I will wait until the gum tastes of poo!)

Thanks mrsm - I will get as much sleep as I can and I am glad its not the other way round....I am not up for much if I dont get my sleep, think rotating head and projectile vomit and your not even close!! If I get too tired at work maybe I could wave 2 patches about, draw eyes on them and stick them over my own eyes so people think I am still awake??? Tada!!! 2 birds with one stone :o)

I would draw a list of things to buy with the money I am saving to help boost the incentive but I am that skint at the moment I think a may be donning tights on my head and making a late night trip to Smyths for my sons christmas presents this year....sigh...or the credit card will get a hammering...again...hhuuummfff

Thanks again guys for your support...the brick wall is starting to relax a wee can feel safer...for now ;)


Loopy ness, I really haven't had a headache. If I had one I would think I was dying:) I had the dog walking kind for 40 years then I threw him out:D:D:D


Aw poor you! poor both of you really, i read somewhere that peeps pick fights in the hope ppl will say just have a fag will you - so if they do its not their fault, that and having 2 quits happening is HARDCORE,

i dont think champix would work well for you IMHO because im snippy in general but was ready to string up my poor angelic kids for no reason on them, so i stopped taking them and it took about a week to settle down, they were fab dont get me wrong, and they worked but i was like a puking raving loony on them, and the sleeplessness gets worse with them,

I know youd need to talk with your Doc, but I thought you may want a been there tried that point of view. I generally try to stay positive in here but sometimes you need the ugly truth.

Chin up and dont throttle the OH (try going for a great big snog every time you want a cig at home, get the good vibes flowing lol may even distract them from thier personal crave :D)


Sassy mama the snog idea sounds like a plan and hopefully will cheer things up....but then he is regarding me with the caution a gazelle gives a skinny lioness with 6 cubs. Hopefully me coming at him for a snog will not freek him out..he might think he is in for a glaswegian kiss or worse still a re-run of the miami cannibal incident!!!

The good news is that I was looking at positives of quitting on this forum and one chap said about a bonus for the fellas - lets just say with my partner qutting an oompa loompa would have more chance of standing upright under the duvet with ruining his quiff - not that I have an oompa loompa in my bed..or my flat!!! I told my partner of this revelation and we both smiled - bonus :D...then he ruined it by leaving the kitchen light runs 4 halogen bulbs!!! The whole flat is on energy saving bulbs but he always leaves the beeping kitchen light on!!!! I swear he does it on purpose!!!....I refrained from tearing the light from the ceiling and beating him with it and resorting to sucking on my inhalator like a mad woman :rolleyes:

My mood is improved today - I completed a risk assessment for a client and promptly went head first over a mat..cue loud cursing but at least I refrained from tearing the mat to bits with my bare teeth like a rabbid dog :cool:

The prospect of a pack of carlsberg on Saturday is helping somewhat too....dinner and a wee dram at a friends house...who is a non smoker so that all helps :)


It's no laughing matter...but you put it so nicely!

Loopyness...I feel for you, I truly do!

I am soon to complete Month 5 and feel exactly like you do....

1) I'm a teacher and although I'm used to telling the kids off for not paying attention to me...the roles are now reversed...'Uhhh...Hello Miss...Anyone home or would you prefer to be somewhere else?!!!' I had one say to me the other day!

2) Oh the head - aches sooo bad with a dull humming flickering pain that I wish I could take it off and put it on charge or just trade it in for a more up to date version!

3) Sleep.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Ooops! Off I go again! I really need scaffolding to keep my eyes open these days. In fact, I have fallen into a really bad sleeping pattern...come home from school, have a 2 hour nap, and then wide awake till about 1am and then struggle like hell to get up in the mornings!

4) OCD...What OCD? Pffffff! :confused:

I found the cure....give up smoking and quit your OCD habits too....2 for the price of 1!!! I used to run such a tight ship...everything had its place and there was a place for everything in my home...and it was all too much painful to keep up with it at times BUT hey, it was better than what my home looks like now!!! There is NO place for anything anymore because everything is in every place!!! I've completely LOST CONTROL!!!!

5) Points 3) & 4) should indicate my current levels of energy - NIL!

6) I initially thought I was abnormal for not suffering from this 'cough/ sore throat' that people claim to have experienced...and then BOOM! :eek:

I found myself swallowing a motorized cheese grater!! Red ripping raw is all I can say and it's at its full ammunition first thing in the morning...much like the good ol' heavy boozy nights out accompanied by a chain smoking chimney pot!!! :confused:

7) And as if ALL THAT wasn't quite enough to deal with....I am a walking, talking (well, just about!!!) PiZZa MeNu!!! :mad:Take your pick from a full range of toppings and sizes straight off my face!!!

Uuurghhh! I'm telling you...If I put on a school uniform, I would blend in soooo well and completely fit into the stereotypical role of a teenager on soooo many levels from all of the above symptoms that I have complained of!!


It makes me wonder though...these are the signs of withdrawal that we can see and of course there are the signs that we can't...much like the signs of the addiction of smoking that we see and those we don't until it's possibly all too late ...but I know which I would prefer to contend with...

What about you Loopyness???

Mimi xxx


Hi Mimi

OCD??? I have been told I have OCD on more than one occasion...little random things like not being able to have the car stereo volume on an odd number because it will make me crash...which results in me swerving all over the road whilst I try to adjust the volume.

It kinda does go in my favour though because I always hated...and I mean hated...the little dregs of tobbaco all over the place. I could make 100 roll ups with such military precision that not one fragment would be left on any table / counter other half was a different matter. You would think he had rolled them whilst sitting on the shoulders of a whirling dervish. He would pre roll smokes every night...and so every day I would get annoyed about the little bits of baccy he would leave. On a serious note it freaked me out because we have a 3 year old and I dont like the idea of him having access to even the smallest crumb of tobbaco.

I know I have to do this..its not an option to keep smoking. I have my son to think about and have recently started to cough up dark grey matter (not good). Finances are tight too and we are saving again to go on holiday (funny enough I think thats what started me trying to quit last year as well) but yeah on a serious note the health implications that I cant see have me very very worried. After fight with lung cancer my nana passed away from emphysema - if she knew I was smoking she would take the back end clean off me!!!

I also suffer with bad circulation and loose feeling in my hands, toes and have had numbness in my face and ears aswell - the gp has said this is due to smoking and poor fitness. I did join the gym and boy did I struggle - peddling away redfaced and wheezing. I tried to look normal and healthy like everyone else but it was not happening.

Its nice to come on here and vent and waffle on, it does seem to be helping and the support already from you guys is second to none - thanks again to all who have responded :)

I am waiting for my skin to break hasnt happened yet touch wood (touches hand to forehead). I am thinking of asking for a chemical skin peel for my birthday in march to celebrate being a non smoker and to hopefully make me look less like Data from star treck :rolleyes:

Maybe you should shock your students and go into school with a school uniform on and stand at the front of the class asking them "am I bovered!!?"..I could just imagine there faces!! :D


Loopy you make me laugh in a nice way, i can see you carrying on smiling and doing your job etc, while having a scrubs type scenario run before your eyes.

As for the little un, i had to keep saying loudly (While at the back door having a fag) mummy is a minger, this is vile, it smells, it tastes like poop, all the while refusing unclamp my chops from around it,

Madness, i practised what i preached this aft, and when i had an urge i gave himself a great big snog, he now thinks ive killed the credit card on xmas pressies and isnt talking to me! I'll sort it out when he gets home from work in a bit, but it goes to show how mental i must have been when we cant have a cheeky snog before he goes to work while the kids are at school!

looking forward to the scenes & take care x


Oh Dear Sassy mama - I hope himself is talking to you now!! That would probably be the reaction I would get lol

I managed pretty well this weekend, I spent yesterday pretty much just up and plodded to the sofa and zzzzzzzzzzzzz up and had dinner..back to the sofa and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..went to bed and thought I bet I wont sleep now and guess what..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

And so I got up this morning thinking that all that sleep would have me feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed but no.....three cups of coffee later and my eyelids are still heavier than the udders of a prize winning dairy cow :rolleyes: I could sleep and sleep and sleep - just need someone to wake me periodically and feed and water me!!

I feel a bag of skittles coming on!!!!

The little man asked me this morning why I didnt have a smoke before I got in the car...I was all proud with my chest puffed out like a prize winning pigeon "mummy doesnt smoke anymore"..get me :cool:

I am not missing the act of smoking - being out in the cold, getting ash everywhere and all that jazz but I think the need for nicotine is what I am noticing the most. I have a patch on, Mimi you rock..I waved it about and tada!! its not itching, I have had the odd suck of my inhalator and I feel relatively normal...well normal for me anyway ;)

No mad head today with any luck...I can just float around like a angelic hippy humming pretty songs and talking to the birds......laaaa laaaaa!!!! la la la!!!

Sending hippy chillin vibes out to you all :cool:


loop the loop

Oh wow . Today sounds like a good day. Maybe you are making progress. How long has it been?


22nd November

You are not alone in experiencing ex smoker mind fug and inability to read.


lol....yes it really is bringing out the inner dopey person in me!! I had no idea I could be so dim!! If you spot someone frantically pushing a pull door then thats more than likely going to be me...I hope I dont have to navigate any one ways systems over the next few weeks..that could get pretty dangerous very quickly :eek:

I hope my brain goes back to normal or I'll be out smarted by my 3 year old at every turn!!

Walnuts!!!!! I need walnuts..apparently they are brain food. Its coming up to christmas and thats walnut season....smartness here I come (heres hoping I can still remember how to use a nutcracker) :)


Fish is supposed to be good too. We could try sardines but oh no those tins are tricky.


I had pan fried sardines the other week and was not allowed to sit at the dinner order of a 3 year old who didn't like the smell...I sulked to the other side of the kitchen followed by a dribbling dog :rolleyes:

Yup..those pesky sardine tins I swear are designed to ensure your get fishy oil all over yourself :eek: Not as good as the tins of tuna with the tin foil are you supposed to squeeze the oil out with a blinking tin foil lid :confused: I bet the gits that designed that are all sitting in a board room somewhere having a good laugh at that one!! One day I will open a tin of tuna without getting covered in the stuff...the same day the queen books herself in for a vajazzle probably :rolleyes:


They tell me Her Maj

sticks gems to her vaj


Is that the start of a limerick Biggrin?

:D :D


Nifty - I was thinking about entering it into the Royal Variety Performance - maybe as a double act with Pudsey the dog, but I haven't worked that bit out yet.


Hahahahahahaha!! Brilliant - gives a new twist to the meaning of "crown jewels".

Best line about the Queen ever has to be:

The Queen lies in bed and pulls the blankets up under her chin and shouts "look at me Philip..I'm a stamp" :D


I had pan fried sardines the other week

Sardines................on toast..............yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! :D


In all seriousness, if I keep going not smoking and become a regular on this forum, will I end up as barmy as the rest of you? :p

I did once have a conversation with a work colleague about work and, IIRC, ended up theorising that the universe was run by a giant rabbit. So, I'm nearly there already. :D

PS Congrats Loopyness, despite everything, you're not letting it beat you.


Hiya Nykii!! Barmy?? Me?? noooooo...I'm just moving at the speed of dumb :D

Thank you for the congrats but as they say when the plane starts to plummet "brace brace!!"..just wait until I stop using the NRT :eek: I can just hear my parents now.."oh my..we have spawned the devil".

Welcome to the forum, its a great place and has really helped me along, I think I would have chewed my fingers down to my elbows without it...or be sat rocking quietly in a corner somewhere :rolleyes:


Hi Loopy, don't worry about coming off the NRT. I used to worry about it too. Going down from the first stage patch to the second was the worst but with the rest I didn't notice. I cut them up and reduced the amount every couple of days and didn't have any withdrawals. You'll manage fine without them as they don't give any pleasure and get to be a nuisance.


Thanks Una, it's a relief to hear that you managed to come of NRT without going stir crazy...I know a man that has been taking nicorette gum now for 3.5 years :eek::eek: But then I know that I would rather be having a piece of gum than a cig....that said I am determined I will NOT be spending 3.5 years on NRT..feel free to track me down and happy slap me if I even attempt to stay on them longer than necessary!!!


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