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First step on the ladder today

Hi everybody. Didn't want to post on the Day 1 forum but this is my first Day on Champix so I am building up to my official Day 1 on Valentine's Day (seemed appropriate - time to love myself instead of cigs). Have got loads of great advice off these forums and it has really helped me make the decision to stop. I've been on 30 a day for 30 years and still cannot quite imagine life without smoking but now I have made the decision I am almost looking forward to it! My reasons for quitting are:

I feel stupid being so dependent.

My house smells, my car smells, my clothes smell.

I feel pathetic hanging around outside buildings for a smoke.

I feel embarrassed nipping out during social occasions.

I know my kids are worried about my health.

My mum died last September of lung cancer (aged 68).

I want to feel in charge of my life.

Thanks for reading this and for all the great advice out there.

P.S. Hopefully I'll get better at using this site and manage to use the icons one day too!

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Hell and Welcome to the forum. This place is great and everyone here knows just what you are going through.

Good luck with your quit x


hiya and welcome

there is a few of us on champix here to help if you need it



Hi and welcome you have found a great site for help and advice not only about champix but everything, even if its just to have a moan because your having a bad day and really want a ciggie:eek:There will always be someone on line to talk you through it or just to give a you a big hug ahhhhh and surport:)Look forward to reading your post on day 1.Good luck you are doing it for all the right reasons.Thats a bit sad really thinking Ill only be sat here on valentines day. Oh well that what comes of getting old:D Chrissie


Hi and Welcome to the forum!! We have all been where you are right now and we all want to help you get through it. You can do it. Take deep breaths drink plenty of water and pamper yourself with whatever makes you comfortable. This is a rough road but with friends like the ones on this forum the quit seems much easier! Keep posting and good luck! :D


Welcome to the forum Frenchie ...

Don't worry about the icons, I looked you up in here

You'll be fine :p


welcome frenchie your in wth a great crowd here. I can tell you realy mean to do it....GOOD LUCK xxx :D


Welcom French

You will have great support here. Congrats on you quit. Linda xxxxxx


With all this support I know I can do it!

Thanks everybody for the support. I felt a bit ill yesterday and the cigs tasted horrible so I assumed that was how the Champix worked (but didn't expect it on day one) but now I realise it was probably just a hangover!! Had some toast before taking pill today and feel fine. So, deciding to give up smoking has already made me healthier as I know everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I never used to have it so there's something positive coming out of it already!

....And John - thanks for the icon suggestions..... please never go to France!!


Hi and welcome, French. Keep at it, you're going to win. It's a great feeling when you don't light that cigarette. :cool:


Welcome and good luck French. I have found this forum great help and also a lol reading through all the posts. It has really helped me.

Quit 21/01/08:)

Blipped 27/01/08:o

New Start Date: 28/01:)

Method Used: Patches (& Inhalator at first, hardly use it now:D)


I HAD to eat breakfast at the beginning of my quit too! It was a MUST! I have heard that while using Champix you should eat a bit or drink some fruit juice before popping the pill and this will keep you from feeling ill. Cheers - glad they taste yucky for you - that will help you quit! :D


Well done on starting on the road to quitting


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