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Little steps BIG changes


So I've entered my 3rd week (day 15) and it's going ok (ish). I've got the horrible cough but at the moment nothing is coming up. I feel absolutely shattered today but I think that is a combination of little ones, school runs, work, house stuff and giving up the nasty sticks. The other thing I have found is I seem to constantly smell burning where ever I go which is a bit weird.

I felt a little off for most of the day and it wasn't until I left work at 3 that I'd realised I had forgot to put my patch on (Duh!!) but I never caved or really needed anything other than my gum.

I even applied for a new job today, a bit more responsibility and a bit more money. To be honest I like where I work and the people I work with so I won't be overly disappointed if I don't get it.

So onwards and upwards and another day ticked off and looking forward to day 16

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How very well your doing, I suppose in a way our bodies go into a slight state of shock, and of course this does take a while to settl down, but settle down it will!!!!

Those days are passing so quickly, there will be people behind you, wishing they to could be where you are to day, nearly 3 weeks done, in my book that's fantastic.

Just keep going. Brilliant you have got so far, well done

Madmummy, you sound as if you're experiencing exactly what I experienced at a similar stage of my quit and as the others have said, it's all perfectly normal and will pass soon.

Many, many congratuations on the start of your Week Three! :D Before you know where you are, we'll be congratulating you on the start of your Month Three....

And whether you get (or choose to accept) the new job or not, it's clear that quitting has given you a huge boost of self-confidence and that's a wonderful thing! :)

Good morning everyone, sorry I've not been on been so busy but SMOKEFREE!!. Its day 18 for me today and I'm doing OK. I was up early this morning ready in preparation because the ex had decided at 10pm last night to text to say he wanted to see the madbabies today. (Hasn't seen them for 3 weeks) Normally when he starts I'm hitting the cigs to calm me down, but this morning I was ready, patch on, gum ready, inhalator with new cartridge and a pot of potatoes ready to mash!! The potatoes are silky smooth I've beaten then to death but I never cracked. I'm actually feeling OK, I think the way I'm looking at it now is, I had a nasty habit for 20 years, it nearly killed me, I broke the habit and realised it wasn't any good for me, leaving and going it alone with my babies was the best thing for us, so I am using the same thought process on the smokes, I don't need them, I don't even want them. I can and will do this, both bringing up my madbabies and staying away from the sticks. How is everyone else doing?

Madmummy, what an absolutely spot-on way of looking at it! You're so right. I remember someone on the forum- Max I think it was- likening quitting to finally getting shot of a compromised relationship some time ago, and thinking what an excellent analogy that was. It's so true.

Huge congratulations from me for holding on in there despite the irritating ex factor...:rolleyes:...that speaks volumes for your comittment and determination to kick Nic into touch forevermore (just like your ex relationship in fact ;)).

You carry on mashing those spuds like a demon and I hope you enjoy your dinner and the rest of your weekend. :)

Haha love that ex analagy... I must have been cheating my oh by having a relationship with Mayfair. .. although I've had many relationships over years... off and on.

I have finally realised that it was never going to work as a threesome and finally stopped these life and death relationships. They were never good for me. I suppose I should have listened to my oh sooner... everybody who didn't have the same relationship saw them for what they were...

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