No Smoking Day
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Nearly one whole week!!

Hi All

Was up at the chemist to get my Second week of Patches proudly told them i haven't touched a cig since last week , was busy today so never had much time to think , tonight has been a bit of a chore old inhaler not been out my mouth 4 cartridges today the most ive had in one day i'll have to concentrate on putting the inhaler in my pocket but that can come later on , from starting at 1 hr at a time sometimes less (smile) i will have reached a week in 2 hrs time miracles do happen so hang on in there everyone

all the best


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Yay, well done Rab. Your first week under your belt which is brilliant :D



:D well done Rab its a great boast to you when you reach another milestones along the way :D


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