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Made 1 Whole Week!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Well I've made 1 week :D

Had a lovely weekend, without any cigs!! went to Sheffield driving and NO cigs, sat in a sports stadium for 8 hours and NO cigs, drove home again and NO cigs!!!:D and I even had a couple of glasses of vino and guess what NO cigs :D:D

I hope this carries on? Im finding the trick is, patches, laccy bands, handcream, and sucking on mints, (maybe that's not so good!) but over-all there working.

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend?

"One Day At A Time"

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Laccy bands !!!!!

Well done juleskav - I know what you mean, it just feels great not smoking and just as importantly, not wanting to smoke.

I started my quit with patches too, but now off everything. I am curious though - what the hell are you doing with laccy bands and handcream???? Is there something the rest of us should know? :o


Great news! keep it up, everyday becomes more worth it. :)


laccy bands!!

Aleksandr, Well i could say something naughty lol,

But laccy bands r when u get craving u ping the laccy bands (which r around your wrist) I have about 5 bands on, they take your mind off the craving (Genius) the handcream is to keep my hands smooth lol, oh and im doing something with my hands.

i noticed u r in some desert where is that?



Slightly disappointed by the laccy band/handcream explanation, but never mind – lol

Sorry, hate to disappoint you too, but I’m not the real Aleksandr Orlov and nor am I from the Kalahari Desert (which is in Africa).


Oh, right, sorry having a monday morning, blonde moment :o lol or it could be all that fresh oxygen going to my head :) but fresh it better than smokey :eek:


Well done

Well done Jules

The first week over - a great achievement :D

Stay strong


Sorry, hate to disappoint you too, but I’m not the real Aleksandr Orlov and nor am I from the Kalahari Desert (which is in Africa).

Wait?... What?!!!!!!!!.......

you are not this chap?

and the desert thing isn't true either? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



Glad you got over your day 3/4 hurdle, you probably can already see just how different things become once you cross that 'timewarp' threshold of your quit.. if only we could pass that knowledge back so clearly to those doing day 3/4 today eh :)

I'm glad you got through, and even more glad to see you posting your 1 week milestone post.

THIS is the first week of freedom for you, and every week you add on to this the better you will feel.

yeah you'll have up's n downs.. but stay free and see the difference it makes, its so worthwhile!!!

Huge Congrats to you!!!!!!


Thanks for your messages, your right i feel free at the mo!! im so pleased with myself. bring on week 2 lol :D

"Go Meerkat" !!!!

Jase it's ok, his only joking, he is really :rolleyes:


Only Jokings...

Dear juleskav and Mr jase180709, yes of course I am only jokings when I pretend not to be real Aleksandr Orlov. I am keepings a low profile whilst visiting here from the Kalahari. Once I have cracked my disgusting smoking habit I will return and help Sergei with his drinking problem, (far too much cheap vodka while in Russia) !!

I am blaming all on the stresses of becoming such a high profile celebrity meerkat.




Crazy, the lot of ya!


Ya to right, it's all the oxygen!!!.............:D better than drugs anyday! lol


well done juleskav

u done good 1 week xxx well done you xxxxx :)


Thats the hardest bit over, Good luck !!!


Jules well done on the week Hun...thats the day count over with its counting in weeks for you now...

as for the meerkat....barking, totally barking but loving your work...



Well done one getting through week one. Onwards and upwards........


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