nearly a whole week!!

Should be happy but feeling weak last night and this morning, had couple puffs on an e-cig last night and it feels like a failure! Weird dreams too, where I'm smoking and when I realise what I've done I'm gutted that I've failed but the guilty feeling stays with me! Urgh!! Wish I could go back to bed, feeling tired and sick :-( know it'll get easier in long run but I really don't want to face the world today! Fingers crossed allen carr arrives today!

Hope everyone else feeling strong and positive and had a great weekend!! Xx

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  • So sorry to hear your suffering. Your doing well though nearly a week. The first week is the worst just keep strong you can beat this.

  • Thanks hun, know I'm being silly and pessimistic just cant seem to shake it off!

    Another 3hrs and its been a full 7 days, that should cheer me up shouldn't it?? Xx

  • you are not being silly! it is very hard to stop smoking, if it wasn't so hard we wouldn't be here on this forum every day! It will be better tomorrow :) promise!

  • Wahey nearly a week, that is brilliant...if an e cig stops you buying some cigarettes go for it, its not cheating anymore then nrt patches etc are. I found at the end of the first week and last week its all psychological. Some days last week I took it hour by hour. I think everyone has a down day, hopefully now you have had yours it will be all uphill xx

  • If the ecig helps use it but try and use it sparingly if u can, you should be really proud of getting to week 2 well done xx

  • i don't think there is an ex smoker in the world that would want to go through week 1 again, it keeps many of us quit because the thought of going through it again would be ghastly. don't get hung up on the e cig if it saved your quit, it does mean you will get nicotine craves which is a shame after 3 days, but that is all :)

    oh, the dreams of smoking, ha ha! yes, don't we get cross at ourselves until we wake up! x

  • Cross?? I was furious :-D but felt sooo guilty when I woke up too, took me all morning to shake that feeling off!! Had bit the same when I got up Sunday but that wasnt quite as all consuming! Is it normal then? I'm not used to such vivid dreams! Xx

  • Very normal :) I've been feeling like a freak coz I hadn't had any smoking dreams at all...had one last night and rejoiced at my normality :D

    Congrats and keep it up - is it moving day now?

  • Well done alleycat, who cares what method your using for your quit, your smoke free and that is the main thing I'm not going to lie I have had hard days in weeks 2,3&4 hope things get better soon x

  • Good going alleycat. I had a bad day today, so I know tomorrow is likely to be better. Ecig, champix, NRT.........if it helps use it until you're ready not to. :)

  • Hope you're having a better day today!!! Xx

  • Thanks everybody for your support! Dont understand why but I've been really doubting myself and my quit today :-( cant seem to stay focused! Maybe its starting to sink in that this is real and its scaring me?? I really dont know!! My allen carr book has arrived anyway so going to get stuck into that and try figure out where my determination has gone! Praying I'm just having a bad day and I wake up in a better place tomorrow!

    Night night everyone, sweet dreams!!! Stay strong! Xx

  • Mr Carr will help :)

  • I'm guessing alleycat, that what you describe above and reality sinking in is very much a part of this process for us, as I've found the last couple of days harder than previous days. I'm staying with it though and will continue to do so, especially with support, comments and inspiration from people here.

    You're doing well. Stick with it, and breathe, deep but unforced. I keep going on about the breathing but it is one of the tools that works well for me.

  • Thanks again everyone!!! Fairly sure I would have given up on it by now if it wasnt for all of your words of encouragement and support!! You're all brilliant! Xx

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