No Smoking Day

One Hour and it will be one whole week done!

I find it really hard to believe that this time one week ago, I would have been sat here, doing something on the computer with a cigerette and now I can sit here and not feel the need for one.

I think after having got through this week, alot of the time when I was smoking it was because of habit, not necessarily because of need...

I have one more hour to go and then I have completed week one. Thank you to all for your support. Lets be sitting here this time next week, saying exactly the same. x

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Oh well done Maria, you should be very proud of your self,

dont forget to buy yourself a little treat, and give yourself a big pat on the back. we,ll all be here for you.:D:):D


Well done Maria.:cool:You have done the hardest bit.;) From now on, it will start to get easier. Don't get me wrong, you may still have days when it really kicks in, but l found that coming on here, by the time l had read a few posts, or made a few, the craving had passed.:D By the way, l also used Champix, had my last cigarette on New Years Eve, and by the end of January felt able to give the tablets up completely.:D Keep posting.

Love Josie XXX


Thanks Josie

I feel good, I took the champix on Mon, Tues and Weds and that has been it. I have kept them near by just incase but so far have managed without them x


Very well done Maria

You are over the worse now you may get some bad days but nothing like the ones in the first week if we are honest. We get many more good days than bad Congrats to your first week and heres to many more. xxxxx



Welcome to week two - you have officially arrived , very well done




Many congrats Maria, well done!


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