No Smoking Day
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So day 2, going good, me and my partner were doing it together but she cracked last night, taxi to an all night garage as it was half 11 at night, made me realise the extent we would go to just to get a hold of them, made me realise very quick that its claws had got straight back into her, and thought not for me I want this, I want this bad and will do my best to succeed and not light up again, and hopefully when the Mrs. sees me doing well this will encourage her to try again and succeed, she is giving me support so that’s good, and we have never smoked in the house so its her catching cold not me ha ha. Craving wise going good as well using the chewing gum and helping me keep a nice lid on it all and keeping me positive. Thought this morning waking up was going to be bad, before I knew it I had ate my breakfast and was ready for work and left the house and not thought about it. Well done everyone who are going strong lets keep going :)

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I am glad your resolve is strong. It is that bit harder when your partner still smokes, but to succeed you have to really want it. My partner still smokes but I too, hope that if I succeed then he might decide he wants to quit. At the moment I am trying not to show any reaction when he comes back in after a fag, but the smell is awful.

I hoep the rest of the week goes well for you.


Yeah it is hard, and u are spot on the smell this morning when she came back in was strong and not nice, i just never said nothing carried on with thing in my own way, i to hope u stay strong and succeed, :)


Day 2


I am feeling the same today - much worse than Day1. Odd because I have never smoked at work and it usually never crosses my mind, but all I have been thinking about is going out and buying a big fat 20 pack!

My main problem is that the whole week now seems dull and dreary and I keep thinking this is how it is always going to be (which I know it won't) and can't summon the energy for anything. Just so depressed!

Using patches but arm is so itchy and got an inhalator.


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