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Day2 and im feeling strong!


Its only Day2, i came back on these forums a few days ago and started again from the begining, when in fact I should now be towards the end of my 3rd week.

Well without feeling down about time lost I'm going to get on with the day and do some exercise, I think some walkings in order and maybe if I'm lucky ill treat myself to something extra sugary coated at teh end of my walk.

(Defeats the purpose but I don't care!)

:D Alex

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Ahh good for you, and who cares about the sweets eh :) You can walk them off next time.

Good luck for this time round though, you saw where you went wrong last time and won't make that same mistake twice.


Hi Alex :D

Well done on day 2 you're doing just fine

I hope you enjoyed the walk and the sugary thing afterwards


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Alex

Well done you! Sounds like you are doing just fine. I bet I can beat you on the sugary foods front! :D

Congrats on Day 2!

if it is turning into a competion on the sugar front, you don't stand a chance. Jammie dodgers are soooooo moorish.

however i am aware of what they do to my hips as well, so when i get back off my hols the dog will have her little legs walked off.

Foxes Chocolate Viennese Finger biscuits and the odd wispa bar here or there, they were and still are an ally of mine during this quit.

yummie :)

Now you've done it Jase - Fox's Chocolate Viennese biscuits. Mmmmmmmm. :D Want One! :p

Hi All :D

How about a mars bar for a change I ate them like they were going out of fashion to start with :D


Marg xxxxxxx

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