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Gearing myself up to quit....again!


Hi all,

This will be my third real attempt at quitting having stopped on two previous occasions, the first time for six years the second for seven months.

I've had a couple of half hearted attempts recently but failed miserably, mainly I think because when I stopped for six years I found it quite easy, no patches nothing, but not this time, oh no, the dreaded nicotine sticks have really taken hold!

I'm planning to stop in the next couple of days using every conceivable aid available and have gained a lot of motivation reading the success stories of other posters on this forum.

Good luck to everyone.

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Good for you Lozza!

I'm on day 3 CT and although I don't feel great, it's managable. The support on here is really helping. Hope it works out for you :)

Thanks for your support FK.

Good Luck Lozza.

Read read and read even more that is the best tool but also remember that not everyone has the same side effects when they quit.

I have smoked for MANY years but did not have any of the bad coughing when I quit.

In fact I think I got away with a lot of the side effects and I'm now 1 day off being smoke free for 9 weeks.

It does get easier.

Good Luck:)

Let's hope it's 3rd time lucky Lozza, good luck, we're all rooting for you.

Thanks a lot guys. Glad I found this forum, think it's really going to help.

Hiya Lozza

Congrats on deciding to quit again..

I am on my 6th day of no smoking today as it seems to be a good day so far. I have been using the Champix which have been a god send but have decided to stop taking them and go it alone..(dunno if I've gone mad or not ha ha)

I hope you can do it and stay strong

Good luck

Tracey :)

Hows it going?

How is everyone's quit going? Has anyone had or tried hypnotherapy here?

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