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Starting again after giving up on quitting

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Hi all, i was posting on here recently, went 10 days without a fag and then gave in and started smoking again, tried to convince myself i could just have a couple of fags a day and that would be ok, well it soon slipped back to 10 a day and would carry on back up to 20 a day if i let it.

So ive just quit again, smoked my last fag and now i want to be a non smoker for good.

The whole thing i find depressing and a struggle, so i need support from anyone thats wanting to give it.



7 Replies
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Hi Iain,

First of all bussy - don't beat urself up bout starting smoking - it happens, some people react to the quit worse than others. What to do when u really want a fag is go onto - that helps me!! I'm only on day 3, but it has really helped!!

One question buddy, r u doing it CT or with NRT?

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Hi, thanks for your reply, im using NRT in the form of 4mg lozenges.

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just to let u kno that I reacted badly to the 4mg, although if it works for u then great - maybe after 2 weeks or so go down to 2mg so u r getting less nicotine - I'm on the 2mg gum - which is working fine, but then again it depends on how much u smoked i suppose - i was on 20 a day so not too bad - if u smoked under 20 a day then i would advise having the 2mg lozenges!

Keep it up buddy - just keep urself busy also, if u can't get a reply on here for some reason then call 0800848484 - its the smokeline for scotland - they r really helpful.

Good luck :)

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Been there, got the T shirt! The reason that this quit has been successful for me is that its the only one where I haven't "cheated" here and there!

There is a phrase to remember, you are only 1 away from a pack a day!!

For virtually everyone there is not the odd one here and there, and to be honest the goal should be to become a non smoker rather than a light smoker!

Smoking is just feeding your nicotine addiction, you can only truly be free once you stop feeding it!

Good luck with your new quit, just keep choosing not to smoke!

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Welcome back. we have all been there just try making this one stick. good luck. xxxx

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good luck iain, its only my first day today, so not a lot of words of wisdom for you yet, but support x

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Good Luck Iain, we are all in the same boat and here for each other when needed :)

You can do it hun, be positive and like others have said is a great site to go to when you feel the urge for a fag.



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