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Day 6

Hi All

After 18 years of 20 a day habit I gave up on new years day deciding to go cold turkey. Coincidently i came down with one hell of a cold that morning and it knocked me out for a couple of days and i just could not physically smoke! So now I am feeling better and the cravings are coming and i have that urge to smoke.

With all the nicotine out of my system, I really dont want to turn to patches or anything like that, so I will just ride this out.

Was in the pub last night watching footy with smoker friends and i was surprisingly fine. Yes, i could of smoked but just did not fancy it. I am still feeling bits of this cold so maybe it still could have something to do with that and i currently have no energy whatsoever.

Anyway, good luck to all. I am looking forward to reaping the benefits in next couple of weeks!

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Day 6 for me too.

Struggling with the sleep disturbances but (i don't want to speak too soon) the cravings don't seem to be so bad today........ so far :rolleyes:


Well done, takes a LOT of willpower to not accpet a smoke when you are around smokers so well done you!!!

If you can do that you can do anything! Stay strong!



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