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One Year On - My Tuppenceworth

...I can remember looking at this thread thinking 'I'll never make it to the 1 Year Thread'!! But here I am. And I can honestly say I've never looked back. Well, other than two little lapses at parties last summer when I was so drunk I can't even remember smoking.... but hey, other than that, I'm clean.

This place was a magnificent help as were the experiences of the people here.

One of the best things to come out of it has been getting fit. I ran my first ever 10K in June, the most I'd ever run in my life and raised over 500 quid for charity. The incentive and training (I signed up as soon as I quit), and tying myself to the commitment with sponsorship were instrumental in getting me through those first 6 months and I can recommend it to any new quitter!!! Raises the stakes a bit though!

Most of all however was the desire to stop. Without being sick of the smell, the taste, the wheezing, hating the way I was shackled to the drug I just couldn't have done it. I tried many times before but I failed every time because I didn't realize just how much you had to want it. That's my biggest advice for new quitters... make yourself hate everything about being a smoker before you begin and the rest is, well, not exactly easy but a hell of a lot easier.

My other half found it hard but was a rock. It's important that your partner/family expect to care for a recovering drug addict for a while, there were times of deep depression and real relationship testing moods. But you do come through eventually and certainly for the better.

Good luck to anyone quitting this New Year, you're doing an amazing thing, you should be proud and you can be successful. I never thought I'd be able to do it in a million years.

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Congratulations Chris on your first Year and also on the other acheivements that you have made in that time.

Heres to another year and another. Take care


Hi Chris,

What a great post, thank you.

Well done on your achievements especially your quit. There is hope for us all :D

Gaynor x


Congratulations,,, well done!!!! What a massive success worth shouting about. :cool::D and yes it does make you a recovering drug addict lol.


Congratulations, Chris. A year stopped is fantastic. Here's to another one.


Many, many congratulations. A year seems so far away to me now, I can't even think about it. But it's great to know it can be done.

Yay you!

Hel x


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