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One Year!!!

Today I finally walk through the Penthouse door.

I made the decision to quit because I didn't want to look back on my life and wish that I had done it sooner. I didn't give in during the bad times because I couldn't bear going through the quit again.

I was so surprised on my first post on the forum that people were so quick to reply and really knew what I was talking about, the support on here has been invaluable and has given me the confidence to get through the bad times when I really wanted a fag.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone that has helped me over the last year and to those who are thinking about stopping or having a hard time with their quit to just go for it and think NOPE, not one puff ever!!!

Im in the penthouse!!!! yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!


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Yayyy Moog,

Thats is truely fab news and a post which was lovely to read too! :D

I take my hat off to you... a whole years none smoking!!!!

Well Done!



Hey! Massive congratulations! I remember your hot chocolate times still! Thanks for letting me practice my support posts on you! Very proud and pleased for you x x


Congratulations Moog

Still looking up to you all entering the Penthouse, but the crick in my neck is getting better.



Many congratulations to you Moog.

A year is absolutely fantastic. Hope they've kept the penthouse warm for you.

Lorraine :)


way to go!


Well done moog, first full year smokefree, here's wishing you many more. David


Congratulations, I hope you enjoyed your special day, wishing you many more.



Fantastic, lest we forget, this is what it is all about, amazing, fab, wonderful. Hope you are feeling really chuffed and proud, now tell me is the hot tub really that good?


Hey Moog:D....huge congrats to you on your 12 months...that is a fantastic achievment:Dxxxxx



Hi Moog, Great to see you have got to the Penthouse now, Get a glass ready for me tomorrow am joining you (lol).I remember last year like yesterday it has gone so quick now. Didnt seem it at the time, but I really enjoyed MMQs posts and was great to see everyone progressing. Thanx Moog for all your help and Massive Big Congatulations on your 1st year quit, Many many more to follow. Kaz :p xx



For Moog, well done, a year, the holy grail of the quit, fab post too.


Superb, Moog.

Hope you are really enjoying yourself being a year plus non smoker. I had a look back at your first post and we recommended you read, read, read. Did you? And did it help?

Whatever, enjoy the times :)



Fantastic to see you getting into the penthouse.

Looking back the year seems to have gone by pretty quick.

Looking forward, here's to all the future years of being smoke free. Fab.


Hi Sam

CONGRATULATIONS a whole year smoke free Welcome to the penthouse


Marg xx


Congratulations Moog!





Well done Moog . a whole year of being smoke free is a truly fantastic achievement.

Enjoy your new life in the penthouse you have earned it,:D

Best wishes,


20 a day for 30 years:eek:

Quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

7 months C.T


Totally Overwelmed!!

Wow, wow, wow

Thank you one and all for such fantastic support and lovely messages. I replaced my 10.30am fag break with a hot choc (thanks for the reminder fiona!!) and a regular post on here, now Im addicted to crisps and slightly rounder than I was.

will see you here soon zozie, lornaj, lozza, elliekez, mah, bev and bladeflyer, D thanks for your comments

to the oldies (no offence!) Nog, fiona, cav, viking, david and jackie thank you for your support and just having been there before me and being able to give advice!Marg, you have been a huge inspiration and always have time for others I admire your dedication to this forum!

greg, deke, caroline and kaz my MMQ buddies will see you here soon xxx

I went back to my first post and here it is, even then I was so surprised that I got so many responses. I never been on a forum before and never did I think I would get such words of wisdom, a chance to rant and, to be able to support others and be a part of so many other peoples quit journey.

first day today and Ive got nicotine patches and gum to help me! went to the gym for an hour and waited to get home before putting a patch on, big mistake as I was sorely tempted to just have one, thinking stuff it I will start again tomorrow. after over an hour of extreme grouchiness I went out to see family, had a gum and got over myself!!

good luck to everyone else, I know Ive got to succeed this time as I cant go on giving up every year and failing!!

Im off to read the rest of my posts now!! thanks again xxxxxxxxx

Sam :D


moog i'm so awfully sorry i've not replied thusfar, wasn't ignoring this amazing acheivement you've got.. in fact, i'm envious and its really nice to see this post from you.

Well done, and keep this going now, you may have reached a year, but now that freedom is yours don't lose it for anything.

Good on you!!!!!!!



Hey little Moog! CONGRATS on your 1 year!!! Penthouse status for you as well! Great job you xxx bella


CONGRATULATIONS, Moog, 1 year of freedom! Sorry I'm late, just saw this. Welcome to the penthouse! Jody


Congrats Moog !

Ive not been on here much in recent months so have missed your graduation . Along with many others!



Hugh congratution to you

Sorry I missed your post to start, better `late than never. :)

Welcome to the penthouse


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