One year!

And here I am... in the Penthouse as you ex smoking geeks call it! haha, just kidding.... I am so pleased to have completed this. I can now safely say, this time last year, I did not smoke! Its the best thing I ever did! I did it with, A.Carr Easyway, and would recommend this method to everyone!! It was such a positive experience (well to being with! I cant forget some of my posts now can I!) Good luck to all!!!!

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  • Very hearty congratulations to you!

    Another 1 year success story :D


  • Hi Cheeky,

    1 Year complete really well done:D


  • Very well done Cheeky

    One whole year cant wait till i can post them sates. CONGRATS.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done on 1 yr .........:D

  • Cheeky Benito.... don't know you much BUT CONGRATULATIONS A year is big stuff and it deserves nothing less than entry into penthouse..... ehm... and of course some 'real' partying ;) Nice job!!!

  • Well done Cheeky

    One year is great, but never let down your guard

    Hope your life has settled down now

    Allen Carr Rocks ;):D

  • Welcome to the Penthouse Cheeky.

    You'll notice we've ditched the Laura Ashley wallpaper and have gone for simple plain walls but some nice prints, especially the one by the door to the terrace with the tennis girl showing a little too much cheek...

    The hot-tub's at 38 degrees and there's Pironi in the fridge... enjoy.


  • Congratulations a year must feel marvellous.


  • Hearty congrats,

    I'll be joining you in the "geeks" penthouse in just over 7 weeks.

  • :-)

    Crikey! I got more replies on here than I did on facebook! Thanks for all the messages. One thing I have learned, is that yes a year is VERY well done - no one can imagine the highs and the lows... and yet my family and friends really dont seem that bothered! I am not sure what I was expecting... maybe a present or two? I am aware however to watch the evil nicotine monster, sadly I dont think you are ever totally free and will always be a recovering addict. Making it to a year though, and thinking, this time last year I did not smoke gives me a massive mental boost! In that year I have done so many things without the cigs, in fact most things - holidays, driving, nights out, Christmas, birthdays all the stressful things you can do (move house) all that is left is a job change - and I am so thankful that now when I do change jobs, my first fear, on that first day wont be... I wonder if I can go out for a cig at 11... ahhh you see its so much more relaxing being a non smoker!!!!!

    The Penthouse is looking good, but I am well aware that if I miss a few payments, I'll be back in that damp bed sit....

  • Hi Cheeky :D

    Great going and you've got to the Penthouse well done indeed


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Oh Marg are you trying to now turn me into an alcoholic! Never swap one addiction for another kids! Its simply not worth it.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Hi Cheeky :D

    Oh well if you don't want it pass it back here and I'll drink it for you :p :D

    no problem


    Marg xxxxxxxx

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