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no sleep last night, but strangely no cravings WHATSOEVER all day


I am baffled, last night I was awake until 4 am and had to get up at 7am felt hideous-however, today, I haven't had a single craving WTF?! Its day 5 and I thought I'd be feeling awful by now, but its been a really good day with no quitting effects at all.:confused:

BTW, am not gloating, I am just shocked... my last quit was HIDEOUS and I just assumed this was gonna be the same.

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Last time i had a day like yours Vicki it was all a dream............ don't worry you'll wake up soon ;)

My Day 5 has been awesome too !! :D We all go through good and bad at different times :D

Congratulations on making it to Day5 !!!

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