No Smoking Day
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month 3... feel quite shocked lol

Hey everyone :D

So am just about to hit week 9 and go into week 10 :eek:

Have come down on the patches now, got another week on these then down to the last strength for two weeks then that's it.

To be honest although the patches are 16 hour ones, i have very rarely worn them for that amount of time, i would say its more 10-12 hours.

I wouldn't not put them on though as i feel like they are my security badge as such :confused:

But i feel great!! hubby's smoking does not even bother no more to the extend where it makes me feel like having one, it's the smell that bothers me... its just so blinking disgusting!!

But hubby has said once the duty free's his mum brought him back have gone, that will be him done too "whoop whoop" He has four 50g packs left, so will probably be in about a months time.

hope everyone is doing well and staying strong??

Snowie xx

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:D:D well done you :):)


Well done snowie. Really proud of you. Especially with a smoker in the house with you.

Sian xx


Evening Snow

Just wanted to say a big well done from me too.

Good luck Hunni and soon hopefully your OH will stop too.

Stay warm x


Well done you. It's great your OH is going to stop too, that will make it better for you.



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