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Uhmmmm 7 months or 214 days!!!!! Kinda missed it LOL

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OK so I missed my 7 month milestone and was reminded by Bev and Jase. Thanks guys. New Laptop works great but lost my counter site that had a cookie for me on it and the site I got my desktop program counter as well. Anyway as my UK bud's say 7 months done and dusted. The quit has been pretty easy the last month so I've spaced out thoughts of smokes for the most part. Might think of them a couple times a week now so to the new quitter there is hope. For anyone just starting or having a hard time stick it out. Ive said it before I'm lazy, have no willpower and just plain never thought I'd be able to quit. Guess what if ya want it you can do it. The peeps here on the site are are super supporters, the info here can be the key to keep the quit on. I started smoking at 13 and am 42 now that's a lot of years to learn a new way of life but it's possible if you really want it. Anyway thanks to everyone again. I really need to spend more time chatting here again. I'll try and log on more often

Peace all:D

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hey thomas!

A big congrats on your 7 months done :)... Its great when you start to de-sensitise to the date and amount of time that youv'e been quit, a good sign that you've settled with your quit, just never get complacent with it :)

WELL DONE on 7 months, here's to many more!!!!!

Now .. quit counters..

The two quit counters that i use are:


quitmeter.com/ (This one saves a cookie on your hard drive, so is this the one you are missing too?)


CONGRATULATIONS 7 Months is good penthouse here you come xx

Hi Thomas,

Brilliant quit :D

Gaynor x


7 months - that's brilliant. I'm just behind you.

I forgot my 200 day milestone because I hadn;t been thinking of smoking. Its excellent when that happens!


7 months - that's brilliant. I'm just behind you.

I forgot my 200 day milestone because I hadn;t been thinking of smoking. Its excellent when that happens!

Well don't you be forgetting tomorrow being the 31st then atomicguy! :)


Cheers Jase - I won't.


Months is tremendous..... a huuuuge round of claps... a yippeeee.... and a rather large BOIIIIING

Seriously, well done bud, thats seriously cool!!! :D x

Tanks a bunch guys!!!!!! Everything ok with Marg? She's always doling out the Kudos.

Thanks Chrisse, saw How to train a dragon today in Imax 3D I suggest it get fun movie.

Excellent, into second part of a year. Thomas...:cool:

i agree with what you say, anyone can do this if they want too. It IS hard at first but keep pushing past the hours,days, months...

I spent the best years of my life addicted to a drug, and i feel i was stuck for years, in terms of growing and moving because i was an addict.....It's difficult to explain but i finally feel i am me....

I know what ya mean Jude. Yes the movie was great, walked out with a really big grin.:D

Hello, sorry missed this one. I have been busy avoiding this place. Well done you I get there is a couple of days. Only thought about cigs once today so know it is getting better.

chasing your arse all the way.

Surely a simple well done would have sufficed without making a political type statement to start it off. come on now. be civil.

I'm not sure what started the trouble that made you 'avoid this place', but please allow someones milestone thread to remain for nice reasons. if poss.

Thanks Bev!!! UHm your not allowed to avoid me ya hear me? LOL You just remember what we are here for. The drama and BS that's tends to pop up every so often isn't worth the time. No games here and won't be caught playing them with the forum monsters. Some are more sensitive then others and well sometimes people get upset and there's no avoiding it.

Love ya hun.:D

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