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Hi all,

just thought I would check in. Still not smoking, but came close last night. Out with work colleagues that I don't know well, and would have classed them as non smokers. But a group of them kept going outside for cigs! The dark horses. Anyway, by the end of the night, I was suffering really badly. Came home and was really ratty to the bf, who smokes, but I didn't give in! This morning I feel like I came so close to wanting to smoke that I actually did, if you know what I mean. It is horrible as if my quit is in serious jeopardy. My boat is letting on water and time to bail out fast! Also , have only a tiny patch to put on today, and it my bf's birthday today, so party tonight full of smokers!! A padded cell beckons! I have to keep calm and take it one day at a time. Yesterday was hard, maybe I'll be O.k tonight. I was actually quite proud that I wasn't smoking last night, but felt so weak at the same time. Was very tired and stressed, ideal conditions for a blip, I know. Does anyone else ever feel like this, like it is all going horribly wrong?


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hi Rachel

first of all let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :D

and well done for not giving in to the crave/urge/habit to have a ciggy last night of course its going to effect you but just remember that it will pass tonight wilbe different as you are going to be with people that know you and wilbe in full support of what your doing so go pamper yourself and look forward to having a brill night :D

best regards carol



Hi Rachel - Exactly the same happened to me last night. I have quit for 38 days and last night had friends stay all of whom smoked. When everyone went to bed i knew i could have sneaked one of there ciggies and no one would have ever known. It was a real battle with myself but I didnt give in. Woke up very irratable and have been grouchy all day... swear this is getting harder!! Well done for not giving in and hope you stay strong tonight. xx


Thanks so much

Hi Carol and Laura,

thanks a lot for the support. I am so glad it is not just me who has waves of doubt and weak moments. It always happens at weekends!

Well done Laura on not smoking. Be proud of yourself! Your friends were smoking all around you and you didn't crack. that is fantastic!!

I always remember the ****ogy someone used on here ages ago, that every crave is like a huge wave to be surfed. It does feel like that, so hang on and it will be over soon.

We can do this!!

Thanks again for your replies. It does help so much knowing that others are going through the pain.Just heading out to a party (thanks for the birthday greeting, Carol) and I WILL NOT SMOKE but I will probably get quite drunk!! Must remember my pastels, feel nothing on the small patches!

Take care and Ride that wave!!



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