No Smoking Day

Clinic Was A Nightmare


In order to get NRT on prescription I have to visit the nurse at the Drs practise for her clinic, I just went to the firt one and I swear it nearly made me quit my quit she upset me so much.

First thing she said, looking at my Drs notes, when I walked in was..."Hmm I see you have had had several failed attempts to quit before, what makes this time diferent, we cant just hand out Nicotine Gum unless we think it will benefit you you know."

I convinced her that even though as she could see from my notes, I am a total failure and have failed so many times and should probably be publically flogged for my failed quit attempts, that this time is diferent and so she gave me the prescription.

She then proceeded to give me the benefit of her vast knowledge on how impossible it is to quit and how even though I feel ok now for several years it would be a struggle and I should realise that.

I felt so upset when I left her office that I had my worst yet craving for a cigarette. Luckily I had to run to my hair appointment so I didnt have time to dwell on it too much and was cheered up by the hairdresser.

But my God, stop smoking clinic, more like you will need a cigarette just to get through the trauma of meeting the smoking cessation nurse clinic if you ask me.

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I am hearing more and more of these bloody stories and it bloody riles me!!

What a pee take!! this is a job they're being paid to do!!

Why are they smug little sh*ts with the compasion of a rottweiler??

Damn right take no notice of her at all!!

Quitting isn't easy but with SUPPORT!! it is achievable x x x

Not often first quit succeeds though sometimes it does!!

Anyone with an intention to quit is in no way or form a failure!!

So you pat yourself on the back and stand tall because you're a winner!

I would report that stinking attitude.

Hang tight stay strong and you'll do this x x

~Buffy x x


Hi Chandri

what a night mare nurse I agree with Buffy. You show her you can do it with great support. Hope your haie looks fab XXXX


rottweiler nurse

Thanks so much, your replies really cheered me up, and my hair is feeling good!

I love your comparison

"Why are they smug little sh*ts with the compasion of a rottweiler??"

lol, that is exactly what it was like.

And yes I will use that to to increase my determination to stay off cigs, as I reckon she would be pleased if I failed. And I cant be having that at all.



Thats the spirit x x x x x

Next time try and visualise her as a big dribbling rottweiler :D

I tried to find a pic on the internet but they are all far too cute and lovely looking :D


Oh chandri, Whats is a moron like that doing with that job ? They make your blood boil. duno about angels some nurses are demons from the bowels of doom. speaking of bowels i hope hers dont move till she has to use our brand of tissue HA HA ! OH how sweet is revenge eh ? xxx


Lmao were on earth did you find that!! I am so going to use that image :D

I am confused at this whole 'smoking cessation' thing, I continue to promote them and I had a great experience, personaly, even if my present nurse is a smoker :o

Am I the only one that thinks a load of money has been injected into something and it is being taken with a smile and a nod and no heart and compasion?


Perhaps this rant should be sent to her superior in the form of a letter, get the bitch the sack.


Thats just terrible, she shouldnt be like that. She is there to help you FFS:mad:

I would have a word with the Dr about her. She is bang out of order.


Sounds bad that Chandri iv'e had no problems at my smoking cessation clinic,mind it is seperate from my local Doctors,in fact its helped slightly if i was you i would do as others have said have a word with your Doctor about her.


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