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No Smoking Day
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quit smoking and nightmares?

Hey there, i quit smoking tonight, sitting at 05:44 AM only had 1 hour sleep, i quit smoking yday the 17. morning, so its basicly the first night without smokes.

My question is now, i had a nightmare today, and i NEVER had nightmares /dreams when i smoked, i mean for the past 5-6 years i hvnt even remembered a dream /nightmare, and now i cant sleep because i keep thinking my bro gets chopped down by a bus just right outside of my home tell me if this has something to do with not smoking please :)

also it could be fun to have a buddy that is on the same stage as i am, actually right now it feels very very good in my body love it not at all depressed as i heard u would be.

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Hi Noodles

well done on stopping smoking :D

sorry to hear about the nightmares they are a common side effect but will pass

there is a november group going that you could join that will welcome you with open arms plus whenever the cravings get too much you can just post as there is someone here just remember to keep your mind and hands busy when a craving hits but it will pass and they do get easier




I bought a packet today :( gonna quit again tomorrow very anoying, i owed some money to a friend that is a smoker, i quit for like 17 hours or something, and he shows up, we ended up with a lot of weed and smokes damnit

but i shouldent blame it on him, but i still tend to do since hes like omfg, smoking is so cool and when i try to convince him its not he keeps saying oh man a real G is a smoker wth, it just lets my motivation down, Cause i dont wanna lose my street credits :P

I LOCKED MYSELF in and bought some food and fruits, fruit juice, apps for iphone everything for the next 2 days, im not going out :D **** other people (sorry)

But it has to come to an end, this quit smoking either i smoke or not, since like today i bought a pack at 5 and i have 3 left, 6 hours later because well mainly i just smoke a lot more after i quit i dont know why, but i seem to loose all motivation to quit smoking in the middle of a day -,-


Hi Noodlez,

Quitting smoking is hard, if it was easy there wouldn't be as many smokers out there! It takes effort, determination and commitment, and it certainly isn't 'cool'.

I'm sure you have the strength within you to keep with your quit. Take each day at a time with, 'I will not smoke today' attitude. If you can get through one you have proved to yourself you can through another! To get through that first day, do anything to keep your mind off of smoking. I pretty much slept for the first 2 days of my quit.

It does get easier, I promise. Keep reading the posts on here and writing your own - this forum is a great support.

Sending you positive thoughts...and remember - smoking is not cool and doesn't give anyone any street cred!

Good luck!


Hey Noodlez - nobody looks cool attached to an oxygen machine or on a mortuary slab!


Hey noodlez, well done on quitting. Just to let you know that you're not alone. I've had some weird dreams / nightmares each time I've quit too, ranging from the ridiculous to the downright disturbing. I figure it's just my mind fighting with itself. Ive obviously got one part that is depserate to quit and another that is crying out for a cigarette. Just wish I could shut that latter part of me up! :D


Hey Noodlez,

You made the right decision to quit. Sometimes friends who smoke don't react well, because the fact you're making an effort to stop reminds them of the damage they're doing to themselves. But that's their problem, not yours. Most people stumble a couple of times before quitting altogether, so don't be too hard on yourself: if at first you don't succeed, try again.

The dream thing is very normal. I don't get cravings during the day anymore, but every so often I have dreams where someone offers me a cigarette and I take it, and wake up annoyed with myself.


Im on day 3 now, just got home from a day at school, where some other girl also quittet that i sit with.

Funny thing is i feel like i get much more social now other than beforehand, i used to just go out and smoke and talk with smokers but the feeling is just different now, some time ago i even had a depression and i keep thinking its related to my smoking and bad habbits, i even got diagotized social phobia with anti depression pills ^^

or well i didnt get anxious i just shaked A LOT at presentations

Atleast i keep thinking smoking could make me have a depression / social phobia, dont know if any of you guys have heard about it, but thats what keeps pushing me atm atleast :)

atleast i dont shake anymore @ taking 3 cigis on my way to school. :D

Thanks for replys guys/girls


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