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Champix and nightmares

Hi, I joined here a few weeks ago when I was expecting my first prescription of Champix. Due to locums not feeling able to prescribe it :confused: it was only last Thursday when I took my first tablet.

I'm on day 7 and for the last 2 nights have had amazingly vivid and disturbing nightmares. Last night I dreamt my teenage son died. I awake in tears and scarcely able to breathe.

Has anyone else experienced this? However, I'm determined to forge on with the champix. If nothing else it's taken away my sweet tooth so no chance of exchanging cigs for chocolate! I have Saturday earmarked for day 1 of the big quit as I have more chance at home than at work which is really stressful.



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Hi Vonny

Congrats on deciding to stop smoking, that takes some guts :), as for the champix and bad dreams i can share with you that i had weird dreams whilst on them. They are very real, very life like and the first 2 nights i dreamt i was in hospital having fits and trying to get someone to take care of my kids for when i died, then the dreams/nightmares started to ease off a bit especially after i stopped smoking i then only got weird almost life like dreams but nothing bad and certainly nothing that made me feel worried or scared. I only stayed on the champix for 11 days (quit on day 5) because they made me feel drunk all the time, not like me and i ended up stopping them but i am still not smoking.

Anyhow good luck, and remember that the nicotine leaving your body could change your dreams too but not into anything bad.



Many thanks Jo, it's heartening to hear from someone who has been through something and come out the other side!

I suspect I'll be spending a lot of time reading the posts on this forum for inspiration to help me give up.


Hi Vonny,

I had a few bad dreams when i was on zyban last year, i learnt to ignore them and eventually they did pass. :)

I also had vivid dreams when i tried the patches for the first time a few years back (yes i am phantom quitter lol) and i felt like i was having night terrors. But i was putting my patches on of a night time, which apparently is a no no :eek:

What time of day are you taking your tablet? Is it of a morning??

Good luck with it, i am sure you will be fine and i look forward to your post in day one as smoke free.

snowie xx


Hi Vonny

I'm on Champix and on day 19 and day 10 of not smoking. Yes the dreams are bizzare, but to be honest they aren't scary or horrible so in a way I look forward to them (as in what crazy dream am I going to dream about tonight) :D

I've dreamt about my dad who died 13 year ago (through cancer but definately not through smoking as he never smoked or drunk alcohol in his 64 years). It was an interesting dream! but nothing nasty, and I'm quite pleased I had it. Dad's birthday may have to ask for a couple of hours off to go to the cemetary.

You're lucky the Champix has taken your sweet tooth least you won't be addicted to the pear drops and rhubarb & custard like me :eek:


Sweet Dreams

Hi Vonny - welcome to the wonderful world of Champix! Yup, the dreams are interesting, I was lucky and didn't have any nightmares but then I don't think I was asleep for long enough for them to develop! The last three nights have been better and last night I slept through completely, and woke up remembering quite pleasant dreams of sunshine and happy kids. Everyones experience seems to be different though. There is a good Champix thread on here, well worth a read and the forum is so supportive. Think I have swapped my nicotine addiction to forum addition.

I am on day 16 smokefree and put that down to the Champix dulling the physical effects and quite a lot of talking to myself severely! xx


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