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Mo 4, where is will?

Entering month 4 today, but not feeling overly exited like past months. I read here today from someone that to give up smoking you need will. This made me think if I have "will" and into a realisation that not really. I don't have a desire to stop smoking / not smoke. Quite the contrary actually. I desire to smoke all the time and would do so if it didn't kill me. So, how is your "will" doing? Can one quit without it?

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Well if you don,t think you have the 'will', and you've gone 4 months without smoking, then I guess the answers yes, you can quit without it.

Honestly though, I think you that although this might be one of those brick wall moments, when all you can remember is enjoying smoking. Cast your mind back to all those times when you wished you didn't, or felt uncomfortable in a situation cos you wanted to get away for a smoke, were you really a happy smoker who didn't want to stop?? Why did you stop in the first place?

I wouldn't spend too much thought about how much you want to smoke, or on reasons why you might start again, eg. because you haven't got the 'will'. You have been a non-smoker for 4 months without the so called 'will', so stick with it, if nothing else other than to prove a point!



You have the will.... you've had it these past 3 months plus, each day you have decided not to smoke..... that shows will and determination and the want to quit. You're not feeling overly excited? Quitting smoking is really not all that exciting, is it? Sure initially there may be excitement for some but then reality hits, no one high fives our efforts any longer, dealing with mental withdrawal, some have tooth issues, constipation, pimples, depression, sleepless nights, etc, etc..... I'm not surprised you're not overly excited.... but I'm convinced in time a different, more constant excitement will hit you..... you will at some point realize what a slave you were to nicotine, you'll realize that everything you did had to be coupled with this deadly stick and you'll have that moment of 'wow, I've escaped!' To get to that realization takes time, education, and getting support and motivation. All found on this lovely forum ;) Best of luck to you, I hope you stick with it!


Lorraine has a point here saying that you stopped in the first place for a reason and that's because you didn't enjoy it anymore... you just really have to think back and remember what it used to feel like to smoke. I recommend watching other smokers very closely here (not just when they think that they're enjoying a cig but when they look miserable without one and the 'junkie' face of relief when they finally have a puff - it's not pleasant).

I don't think you only quit for health reasons mainly because most smokers manage to easily turn a blind eye to the health issues for the majority of their smoking life. They justify it as 'well, it hurts me but I enjoy it so it's the price I pay for enjoying a cig'. It's when you start thinking 'I'm not actually enjoying this anymore so why continue paying a price with my health for something I don't really enjoy?'.

Think back, did you ever ask yourself the second question? if you did then remember your feelings at that moment and hold on to that.


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