No Smoking Day
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My Reasons

Here are my reasons on day 26.

1.My teeth- very shallow but my dentist told me in February-"if you continue to smoke, you will lose your teeth". I made her say it 3 times and I can hear it still. False teeth just do not appeal. I have had an almost permanent abscess for a year. This is my third time of stopping this year, and I am going to stay stopped this time.

2. Fear of horrible self-inflicted illnesses. I have had palpitations, numbness in my hands and feet. I have a lump in the back of my throat. There are so many types of cancer and smoking makes all of them more likely.

3. Fear of horrible self-inflicted premature death. I am 51 and I like my life. I want a long and healthy retirement.

4. Self-loathing- I hate myself for smoking, and I think a lot of smokers do. I'm a good person. I want to like myself!.

5. The bloody drag of it all. The tedious business of planning how to maximise my smoking as inobtrusively as possible.

6.Smoking cigarettes was my no.1 priority-work, husband kids friends,fun werent even in the race. So wrong.

7. The Smell- so nasty, why bother washing and cleaning and then create that stink. I didnt know just how smelly my dogs are though- But I have lots more energy for cleaning and I dont resent wasting my precious smoking time on cleaning any more. I like it

8. The embarrassment- if someone came to my house, if I had to give a lift in my car, if I saw someone when doing it, If someone came close right afterwards.

9. The money- I spent years saying that I didnt mind the cost and I could afford it. I was wrong- in 3 1/2 weeks I have saved 250 pounds- not just on cigarettes, but because I stopped buying incidentals. It's fantastic, even if I lost my job we could manage, and I suddenly see that we can do fabulous things together.

10.Hallo World. I feel reborn.

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brilliant post sandy, loads of reasons there to remind yourself why you quit, keep it up, noel x


Well done Sandy, 4 weeks in you must be so proud.

I have many of your same reasons, Im 53 and scared at last of dying with those bloody fags.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Sandy and well done for getting to day 26 well its now 27 :D

the reasons are really good especially the teeth one infact when i read that it made me realise that my gums arnt bleeding like they used to when i smoked and my dentist told me something very similar at the time though i was in denial world :eek: but im going to be making an appointment to see her soon and give her a shock :cool:

all the best carol


And another thing

Thank you everyone.

1 more- I look so much better- my hair is less frizzy, my skin is peachy and glowing and my teeth are whiter, I am so much happier to have a cuddle with oh and kids now.

Actually that's 2 more reasons- I look better and I get more cuddles!


Sandy, all those reasons sound so familiar. You'll never get bored of them either cos they are all such positive and great life changes. Not having to skulk around embarrassed by the habit anymore is such a life changing and confidence boosting thing to happen, how can we possibly get bored of that? Thanks for reminding me, and others, makes you feel really proud.



and some more...

No more mood swings.

I know that depression can be a side effect of stopping, and that happened to me in the past, but this time, I have noticed that I am much more even tempered, less likely to put my foot in it, able to ride out minor frustrations, and be more forgiving of others.


Well i have had the flu for 2 weeks and Im recovering so it may just be that, but I am like the duracell bunny today- started some cleaning today and I kept thinking I would do 1 more thing and then get lunch- I ate at 4pm.


I am getting to things on time- before I would say a time and then be trying to get my fags in before the appointment and I would invariably be late. I do not need a reputation for unreliability and hopefully I can lose the late, ditzy, scatty label I have always had.


Well done Sandy, print the reasons off and put copies everywhere for those times of need.

In the beginning had post it's everywhere- must have looked moronic but who cares, I've quit.

Onwards and upwards,help those coming behind you and read the stories of those in front.



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