No Smoking Day
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its my fourth week of not smoking :)

i cant believe how quick the weeks have gone by since i stopped smoking the yukky ciggys

and just wanted to say that i know finding this site and having the encouraging messages of fellow exsmokers has helped me alot so thank you thank you thank you :D:D:)

just remember its just a craving and it will just pass if you ignore it

hope everyones day is going well

regards carol :)

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Well done to you Carol, keep it up :D:D:D:D



Congrats Carol, it really does feel good, doesn't it? :)


Well done Carol, you're doing great!!

Ed xx


thanks :D for the messages of support im well impressed that i have lasted as the last week especially has been very stressful with my mum being rushed into hospital and the fact my daughter is due to give birth anytime now :eek::eek: and im standby to look after my awesome grandson kurt that bit im looking forward to:)

its just the waiting side of it im not but i will take my nicoratte with me im not using it that much now but that wilbe my standby just in case i get an urge to give into the demon


Well done Carol. Im am on day 22 today and cant believe I have stuck to it. I found last week really difficult but now Im looking forward to the 1 month mark and a smoke free christmas. Keep it up :)


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