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First week smoke free.

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I’ve just completed my first week of no smoking.

Im now on day 8,

Just hope I can keep it going this time,

As I’ve had so many failed attempts.

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free

Great work michellesdeli46!!! You have done 8 days so just do another day tomorrow and then one day after that and there is only another 6 days and you have turned 8 into 16. You will be smashing it then. In real terms you have already given up smoking!!! Just keep telling your head that. Stay strong

Thank you

Well done, I am one day behind you

That’s great

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dugahole3 Years Smoke Free in reply to McPhisto

Stay strong McPhisto, You are doing great!!

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SanJane1 Week Smoke Free

I have as well, each time it was around the 5th week, I quit for 5 years in the past and I recall that once I made it to week 6 I seemed to be home free. Less thinking about it etc. So empowering and liberating. I am here with you on this quit and we got this for good this time. Stay strong my friend. We are worth it.

Thank you so much 😊

I am on my first day and struggling already. How do you get rid of the cravings?

I have Nicotine patches and a vape.I have found that this is helping.

Although I still get times that are tough.

Also take slow deep breaths, that really helps,

Go for a walk

And drink plenty of water.

It's only failed if you don't try again I did many times before I actually made it. You WILL make it keep trying. I am over 21 yrs smoke free.

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