Made it to the fourth week & feeling good

Well here I am entering my fourth week and I'm pretty sure I am over the worst now. Week one was absolutely fine, week two was up and down (day 10 being the worst ever) and week three an absolute bitch - all I could see were cigarettes everywhere and couldn't stop thinking about them. I was trying to justify why I shouldn't just have one little cigarette when I wanted one. In the end I told myself that cigarettes were not banned, if I wanted a cigarette there was no-one to stop me and I was capable of walking to the shop and buying them and making that decision. Well, I don't know what has happened but entering the fourth week I feel like my brain has now finally accepted I am a non smoker and it feels good. My fitness levels are up and I don't smell of smoke (never realised how bad that was). Thanks for all the support on this forum. It really does help to log in and see how others are doing.

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  • You will find that you experience a lot of ups and downs during your quit, but congratulations on your progress so far and I am really glad that you are finding it a bit easier at the moment.

    It will continue to get easier on the whole, although there will still be some tougher moments.


  • Hi Biddy,

    Well done on your quit.


  • Biddy

    Very well done you are doing great as Stuart says you will get a lot of up and downs but honestly it doe's get better

    onwards and upwards

  • Hi Biddy, well done and keep going! Just think how you are gong to feel when you have completed a calendar month.

    I love the Quit Meter which sits at the bottom of my tool bar, always really encouraging. It tells me at the moment I haven't smoked 565 cigarettes for 4 weeks and 5 hours and saved £144.00

  • Well done,

    You may still get some bad days but you know that you can beat them as you have already done so several times.

    Keep up the great work,


  • well done biddy :) Great stuff hun



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