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Wow~ Here it is, My Month 2 Diary

Good morning everyone

I am now into my 2nd month, yup 31 days now since i stopped and im starting my new 2nd month thread.

Not going to say it been easy cos at times i would have killed for a cig but then with you lot talking to me and helping me it does pass.

Had quit nurse yesterday, done the blow in the smokerlyzer thing and it goes 1 then 2 and she always takes the 2 but i dont care cos i know im smokefree, i am also not seeing her now every week im down to see her 2 weekly until 21st Dec then monthly for 2 months then thats it.

Anyhow here is my Month 1 complete stats............

I have not smoked for 1 Month, 1 hour, 12 minutes and 31 seconds (31 days).

I have saved £134.32 by not smoking 527 cigarettes. So bought an android phone yesterday :)

I have saved 1 Day, 19 hours and 55 minutes of my life. :)

Enjoy your smoke free day guys and gals.


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Well done love, you are such a star, helping others even while battling yourself.

There are no quitters anymore, I believe this Oct group are as strong as last years one and we will all be here next year telling the newbies how we did it.

Good on you with the new phone : )


Well done Jo. He he, new phone, I love a new toy to play with. DH is ment to be getting a new phone today so I should be getting his old one, it is not new but means I get a better one than I have got now :D

Have a good day.



Well done!!

You have been an inspiration, so keep it up.

On another note, it is funny how different the nurses are - mine never did the breath thing, I saw her after 10 days, then two weeks after that and now don't need to see her at all - see just said call if I need help!


Well done Jo!! I knew you'd make it :).

As others have said, you're a real inspiration to us all. You've found it tough at times, yet you always find a few words of encouragement. We love ya Jo!! :)

Ed xx


Thank you everyone. Even my OH is impressed.


The Quit Nurse said i did not have to keep going to see her but i said to make sure i have a little back up i wanted to continue to see her, if that makes sense as she said its up to me. I dont need many more visits now though and i presume now i must be.........

Officially a Non-Smoker. :)

Thank you everyone, i really dont think i would have got this far without you guys :)


woohoo Well done Nutty :D



Congrats Month 1 complete so into Month 2 and its a fantastic room to be in, make sure they have washed up as when I was there I ended up doing the majority of it.



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