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I'm still here!!!

HELLO :D:D yep Fallen Angel is still here and going strong, woohoo nearly 9 months quitage on my hands. I have had a real time on my hands recently but no way in hell did i think 'ooh i might just have a fag' it's amazing!!!

I don't mind being around smokers but boy does their breath smell awful... ew no offence but it really is so gross. Some good news for single people.....hardly anyone smokes these days so you are more attractive as a non smoker, it's great. I still maintain kissing a smoker is not a nice experience.....SO glad thats in the past too.

I feel great, life is good, just thought i'd pop back on the forum to hopefully help some wonderful new quitters aand see who's still going strong. ;)

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:D WOW thats brill to hear

ive just reached a new goal today 4 weeks without one ciggy im really surprised that it has come round so fast and that ive actually done it having this site has certainly helped me thats for sure :):)

and i agree with you on the smelly smokers umm even giving a smoker a hug is bad enough :eek:


Hiya FA,

So glad to hear you are still going strong. Huge hug coming your way xxx


Hi Fallen Angel :).

Approaching 9 months is a fantastic achievement. I'm not even at 9 weeks yet :o.

It sounds like your previous smoking persona has melted right away and you're thinking like a non-smoker instead of a smoker who's chosen not to smoke.

Stay strong and you're as good as in the Penthouse!!

Ed xx


Well done and so glad you are still going strong, yep I agree the smell of cigs is awfull, never realised how bad it smelt.

Keep up the good quit and see you in the Penthouse.


Congrats on an excellent job - lets hope we all get to where you are!! :D


Great news, can you believe how disgusting we used to smell, YUK to that, can you imagine :eek:

Glad life is looking and smelling good.

Lorraine :)


Well done

Fallen angel, it's great to see some of the old faces still on here giving their support.....

What i hate is getting in a lift at work with the lot that have just come in from having a cigarette and thinking i used to smell that bad!!



Thanks for all the replies :) Yes i'm feeling just great, totally over smoking, it doesnt bother me in the slightest, not a craving whatsoever, for all the nwebies on here who have just quit.....keep going, it is worth it i promoise! :)


Hello FA

Good to see you are still going strong.

Strange you mention the breath smell, noticed it too last Friday -ewwww




Good to hear you and your quit are still moving on, hand in hand :)

Loud, proud and over it ;) Keep it going.

Wishing you and yours a lovely seasonal time and a great 2011.

Pol x


Thanks Pol.. same to you :) good to be quit isn't it, a healthy new year it is!!


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