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Day 5 :)

Day 5 and everything is o.k.

Hardest day by far was day 2. I spent the whole day in a funk scanning the net for horror stories, inspirational texts and quit smoking support in general. It was a very hard day! Surprised me to be honest, as day 1 was a breeze.

Saturday (day 3) was absolutely fine, no problems at all. Day 4 was alright, I craved a bit last night but got through it (I think it was watching the X Factor results that made me want to run out the back door :p). I even visited my Mum yesterday with the family. She sat there chuffing away and I was absolutely fine, I didn't crave or covet her sitting there smoking a fag. In fact I felt....indifferent.

Just to reinforce things I went to church last night and the usual culprits were outside in the cold before service began. I didn't envy them one bit and then half way through one of them had to leave and get a drink due to a coughing fit, then a little while after another started coughing but this sounded meaner and nastier than the first and people started commenting. Unfortunately these people really are dying for a fag, well not me, not anymore. :)

Made one mistake yesterday and took the Champix in the morning with nothing but a coffee because we were running late and I had this weird sharp stabbing pain that came and went all day in my stomache (properly in my stomache too, on the left side just below my rib cage). Didn't feel sick or anything, just this kind of pain that cycled - stab - gone - stab - gone.....all day. Lesson learned, take it with any food in the cupboard!!

Dreams are a bit of a bother, I'm regularly waking with them and last night I struggled to get back off after all of them (I say all because I reckon I'm waking after or during dreaming about 5 to 6 times a night every night, sometimes it feels like more! Add a bit of insomnia when first trying to get off and all in all last night was my worst. It'll have to be pretty bad to get me off the Champix though, I've never, ever felt so good during a quit.

I'm looking forward to a week+ with no fags as I haven't managed that since I was 18 where I managed 6 months. One week plus will be a real achievement for me.

Roll on the rest of my non-smoking life......and yours :)

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Well done Looper, Day 5 is great. I am on Champix too and it is working for me, sooooo much better than any other quit I have tried. Sleep and dreams are the only problems I have had really and for the last two nights I have dreamed ( some quite interesting ones really!) but i have also slept well, waking up feeling rested and good. I am on day 12 smokefree now so you may find that you can sleep ALL night soon, hope so.

Isn't is great to be able to be around smokers and not want to poke their eyes out for a fag:D

Keep strong



Day seven and I'm.....alright. Still smoke free and doing well. Yesterday was a 'biatch!' I struggled at many points badly. It doesn't seem to be when I'm with people that smoke that I crave, it's the quiet bits when doing nothing.

Spoke to my sister on the phone as it was her birthday yesterday too and I could hear her smoking over the phone. That got me a bit. I probably have more association with my sister than I do with my mother regarding smoking and I think that it's down to an optical illusion.

Basically when I'm with my mother who is in her seventies I can see the full force of the effects of being a life long smoker much as I love my's gross. Where as my sister is in her thirties like me and not showing the effects to that extent yet. As I said, it's an optical illusion because turn them inside out and the damage would be there for all to see with them both carting around a pair of brown and blackened lungs.

My sister and I are going to market on Saturday together....I'm thinking of either a) preparing myself really well, seeing it as a battle that must be won and looking forward to a victory or b) taking my little girl with me because she is a living breathing reminder of why I don't want to die just yet.

Haven't decided yet.....

Still, whoop whoop! One week! Yeah! Haven't achieved this long off fags for 15 years! S'all good :)


BTW...Cheers Ange, I'll keep my eye on you ;)

In fact I'm keeping my eye on a few of you as it helps to think, well they're still going strong and haven't commited murder yet (to the best of my knowledge!), if they can quit successfully, I can too.

This site has saved me at times!


:o Ooops. Just downloaded a quit calculator and apparently I'm a day out - according to that I've been quit 6 days, 18hrs and 25 mins.

I've been a day ahead - put the cake and balloons away :( it's not a week yet.


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