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Day 4 - last day with patch

Well, I've made it past day three, which I have to admit was hard, but not as hard as I remembered from last time. Or maybe I am just more prepared and more determined this time.

Still, I am through it and on the last day of help from patches. I really now want to get rid of what remaining nicotine is flowing around in me. So tomorrow I go cold turkey.

How are you all new quitters coming along?

Nik x

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Hi Shoegal

I am glad you mentioned ditching the patches tomorrow because I have done the first 4 days without them and was wondering if I should just continue CT or give them a try? I am not having the most trouble with feeling like I must have a cig, it's more being irritable and trying to fill in time when I get home from work in the evenings.

Last night very bad, caused a big ruckus at home you can read my post for details.

I really want to be able to look back on this with lots of humor and see it for what it is..... a really rough time for a short period of time! :)

Your posts always bring a smile thank you for that!!! Keep it up, you keep me inspired!!



Well done Shoegal!! You sound really positive! Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be fine!


Thanks you guys!

Thanks Ldf and Sherri!

Sherri, re the patches, I quit with patches last time. I had them on for three months and I also had an inhalator. They make it easier, at least for the first few weeks. But i felt insecure and a little deflated when i came off them and soon after, started smoking again.

Although I agree with most folks on here that the end objective is to quit nd hence it doesn't really matter how you do it, for me, if you have done 4 days then you are rid of the nicotine, carbon monoxide and all other crap you've inhaled. No point putting the stuff back in your system, unless you are not coping well. And it seems to me that you are doing just fine! Keep them in reserve and see how you get on. Strictly my personal opinion, may I add!




Good for you ShoeGal - you're sounding so positive.

I'm also on Day 4, and today didn't use a patch.......and it was okay. I kept one with me just in case though!

Good luck tomorrow - I'm sure you'll be fine ;)


Well done ShoeGal!!

I am on day 4 too and was finding it ok-ish, but can't shake off this craving, grrrrrrr!!!

Found day 3 really tough too! When will it end?!?

Sherri - I also agree with ShoeGal, if you have come this far CT, then I would try and not use patches, but absolutely your choice.


Well done sherri, just keep thinking positive we are all on here to quit read other posts to this can defo held. Im day 5. All the best. Jacqui


I am following all your advise. I am keeping the patches with me but I am not using them. Did use that E-cig last evening though and yes that does have a nicotine cartridge in it. :)

We'll see how it goes... I just have to believe that each day is going to get a bit easier. I have been posting much today about the fact that I feel like after smoking for many years I think we need to find a new identity for ourselves, that of which is a non-smoker. That's the rub, we don't know who we are without them :confused:

I find so many moments in the evening that I keep asking myself how does everyone lese do this lol. I'm sure all quite normal ??

Let's keep it going, I know I don't want to go through day 1-3 again !!


Sorry Sherri, I gave my advice thinking you were free of nicotine but if there is nicotine in the e cig then you still have nicotine in your system so you have not gone CT. It is possible to get e-cig cartridges without nicotine and that is what I thought you were using. Use whatever method suits you.


Hi all, well done for going cold turkey, i'm sticking with the patches untill i feel confident to leave them off, tried that about 3 yrs ago & failed after 2 weeks, it was hard going for me the whole way through & dont think i could handle feeling like that again :( but you all sound more positive than i ever was!

I'm doing so much better this time, i know i still have nicotine in my system but at least i dont have the other rubbish, i will cut down the strength of patch with my "Stop Smoking nurse" advice, as so far she has been spot on with the help & support i'd need.

We will all get there in the end...the way we do it may vary but it's all good :)

Lots of luck

Take care



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