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Day 10 - Not so good

Still feeling like I could smoke today - seems to come and go - very strange.

Feeling a little philosophical today, so comparing my quit with punching a horse in the mouth!

Cowboy's find it funny at first but soon realise how much they will miss that unconcious friend.

Still trying to work out if the nicotine is the cowboy or the horse, your thoughts please?

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Hi John

That is a bit deep for me so early in the morning:D

However 10 days WOW you must be so proud of yourself.

We always wonder how we could make even 1 day, nevermind 10 !!

Well done mate.


I think everyone needs to turn their fight against the urge to smoke into something real for them.

for me it was imagining it was a boyfriend/relationship that was no good for me (an abusive one for example). Why do abused women find it so difficult to walk away? I would just tell myself 'don't be the weak one that can't do it - just leave the abuser for good'... it def helped me in the beginning :)

Not sure which one is the nicotine (horse or cowboy) but I think it's important for you to figure it out :)



I think the nicotine is the cowboy because the cowboy needs the horse but the horse dont need the cowboy:D

lee x


Had a coupl eof slip ups myself days 9 & 10. Had a very small rollie on both days. Back on the straight and narrow now though! Not had one for the past two days.

From 10-15 full fat fags a day that is good going.


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