No Smoking Day

Day 10 - Feeling Good

Day 10 and feeling quite good about this whole thing. Has been a little harder today because I was not at work ....but all in all it has been ok.

One really strange thing that I have is very vivid dreams - haven't had those since I was a kid. I'm not on patches or NRT .... have been cold turkey. Find it a bit strange that I can remember all my dreams in the morning. Haven't had that for ages. Maybe the blood is reaching parts of the brain that have been destitute for a long time.

One bad thing is that I can feel a serious throat infection coming on. Must be at the time when the part of my lungs/throat that should be there to fight infection are still not regenerated (small hairs I'm told). I'll need to stock up on lemsip and sweat it out. We'll see tomorrow how I feel.

Here's to everyone out there giving up.

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I too am having probs sleeping and been up since before 6- no gags and no sleep dont go well together- winder if should get some sleeping tabs from docs- did 50 mile bikre ride y'day- should be shattered!


dreams and a thanks to Ron

HI Carbon

I have been having really vivid dreams too. Like you, I never remember my dreams in the morning, but now I feel that I am off to the cinema when I go to sleep! Apart from dreaming that I had smoked (took me a good 10 mins in the morning to be sure this was only a dream :eek: )I am actually enjoying the dreams! I am on day 7 now and feeling quite ok. I did have a bad day yesterday - in fact the worse so far, but managed to get through it (ate lots of chocolate though:( ) and Ron, if you are reading this, you were actually a source of inspiration yesterday. I have read your posts and know that you have made your way through some killer cravings and I kept telling myself that if you could do it, so could I, so thanks for that:D

Start of week 2 tomorrow for me, I am feeling very pleased and proud (and a bit shocked too:p )


Sleep Problems

Yep we all seem to be having same problem with dreams etc and I thought it was mainly down to patches. Anyway rather have the dreams than the fags. Think we have all done so well.......every1 nearing the end of the week.....and yep Ron has put himself through some big cravings but great how he made it and can only get stronger.

Good luck all......heres to next sunday when we nearing end of another week:) :) :) :)



Thanks for the replies about the dreams .... just wanted to make sure that I wasn't loosing my sanity !!!!! :eek:

Couldn't be - the biggest sign of madness is smoking. ;)


not getting dreams unfortunately- just cant sleep. Might be soon replacing nicotine for mogadon at this rate. What does one do at 2.30 a.m gasping for a fag? Hey apart from u Geordie- ur prob half way up the A1!

Sorry for being flippant- its been a bad yet fag free day and seeing my solace in Saint Ella.



Hi all

Yep Ron, I think Im at an advantage during working week with driving at night. Keeps me busy and much prefer sleeping through day as at the moment I can hardly sleep at nights at weekends. At the moment I try to get everyday over and done with as quick as possible. As I see it the no smoking will get better with time......just wish I could fast forward to then:rolleyes: :rolleyes: .....speak later..Geord


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