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Day 39 was not so good


Good morning all

Rough day yesterday (evening anyway), I spent a lot of time on this forum and felt ok all day then went home from work and found that people wound me up.

Husband not ''Hi, how was your day' but moaning instead about some ones poor parking in our cul de sac! Daughter - also moaning about something. That was it then, I spent all evening picking arguments and thinking I need a fag and blaming everyone else for it! I did try to explain this to hubby before going to sleep but he doesn't really understand - having never smoked.

However, he is still being supportive and sent me a nice text this morning but if I keep on being a bitch I will be lucky to stay married!

Anyway, rant over, cheers for listening. I will not smoke today :)

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That's why this forum is so important.

Nobody understands your mood swings, anger and sadness like we do.:)

The anger was a little shocking for me but it does pass just like all the other symptoms.

moaning instead about some ones poor parking in our cul de sac!


That sounds just like my OH! Men- they're all the same (bless them...:))

Hope you have a better day today Nicky. It does pass, honestly.

kacmins2 Years Smoke Free

Hi Nicky,

sorry to hear that you're having a rough time. One thing that helped me is to become aware that life is full of ups and downs, no matter if I smoke or not. We'll all have bad and good days and that's just life. Cigarettes only increase the stress!

I bet you'll feel much better tonight/tomorrow morning :)

Thank you all, it's nice to be able to chat to people who know how this feels.:)

I get that life is full of ups an downs it's just annoying that I used to be so happy go lucky and positive - not feeling that at the moment.

Jenny I did take myself upstairs out of the way, unfortunately my Husband also thought an early night to watch tv in bed was a great idea so I didn't get to watch the film on netflix as planned :(

I have firmly told myself to get a grip and get on with it now :D

Hi Nicky , hope your having a better day today:):): but if not then, nice bath and a bit of me time might be needed.


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