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Day 5

Day 5 and apart from a rattling cough and snotty nose, am feeling pretty good! Went to the gym last night (i belong to a mixed martial arts gym) and, even though i was still huffing and puffing a bit by the end of the hour, my lungs seemed to handle the session better than they did 2 weeks ago.

Have decided that running and 2 gym sessions per week will be my distraction - take my mind of the evil sticks as well as getting fitter and thinner at the same time!

:D Very happy and proud today - i know its only day 5 but feel very positive about doing it this time, every extra day is another step towards a smoke-free future :D


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Nice one Jennifox, a very inspirational post!

I am planning to do some excercise after another week or two, but that you're straight into it (and have been even during smoking) is amazing. I reckon I'm going to buy a bicycle - pity winter is closing in, but just very serious about not putting on weight.

Have a great day!




Aww, thats brilliant. So pleased for you as we all need to find the best way for us to stay with this quit and still keep fit and healthy. As you know Rome was not built in a day but slowly things will get better and before u know it you wont even think about the past only the beautiful future you have given back to yourself. I must admit i should think about joining a gym or something, i think i will wait till the New Year and then go for it.

Remember dont let your guard down cos that nicomonster is a sneaky little sod so stay strong and heres to the weeks, months & years as a non-smoker



Thanks Richard and Jo,

I used to be big in to the gym and was going 4-5 times a week; very slim and fit - was smoking at the same time then, but must admit it was a lot less. My boyfriend is a semi-pro cage fighter (he looks scary but is a pussy cat really!) and encouraged me to go to a women's class he runs twice a week - boxing, wrestling, self defence, a bit of everything.

I absolutely love it and the feeling i get after the hour is amazing - i was really struggling though as i couldn't manage to keep going, and was having to take breaks because i was so out of breath. For a 27 year old that's pretty bad.

I have been trying to loose weight for a while now so am hoping that stopping smoking spurs me on a bit - am determined not a replace one thing with another (although i have had a few too many sugar-free lollipops over the past few days :) )

Thanks again and good luck both of you with your quits



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