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Day 14

Hi Everyone, Not been on the forum for a while,been busy with household disasters! Have had no heating or hot water for a week and leaking ceilings so has been stressful! Was really stressed on Wednesday with everything and I ended up buying 10 cigs from shop. I smoked 2 and threw the rest in the bin. Have decided not to beat myself up about it as I won`t do it again, they tasted disgusting! Have not been sleeping well and having weird and bad dreams every night which does`nt help as I need my sleep. Blame the champix for this and I am not sure how much longer I will take them. Not feeling brave enough to go cold turkey so I will wait and see how things go.

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Wierd dreams are common - Champix or not. I'm having some mental ones!!

Remember your brain chemistry is changing back to normal - so a bit of wierdness in the subconcious is to be expected!


The weird dreams are freaking me out. Sooooo strange and upsetting, and often have fags in them!!

Dont know whats worse, lying awake for 4 hours, or sleeping and having these dreams.:confused:



Congratulations!! I'm on day 14 today, so you are 24hrs ahead of me!!

This'll be my last post in week 2 - bring on week 3 tomorrow.

I had major cravings yesterday evening - I was absolutely knackered - didn't sleep well the night before, and had quite a stressy day at work.

Poured a couple of massive G'n'T's and watched The Mentalist, had an early night, and woke up so late this morning, I'd missed my first 3 lozenges (normally set alarms on my mobile, but I wanted a lie in so turned them off)

I feel great today.


Hi Crystal

Just wanted to say sorry about the crap week you seemed to have had and also as for the smoking 2 cigs then dumping them just put that to the back of your mind, learn from it and move on hun. I would not go dwelling on it, when you feel those triggers coming again, stop and think about what caused you to give in and try and make sure that your not put in that situation again. There is always another way to relieve the stresses that life will throw at us and now its a case of dealing with those in a different way other than the ciggies we used to need. Anyhow hun, good luck and congrats on getting to Day 14, your about a week behind me but it does get better.



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