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No Smoking Day
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Why Quit?

First and foremost, it isnt quitting, you are not giving anything up, i see it more as a recovery then quitting.

So why?

1. Mum kept dropping subtle hints, "oh that smells horrible", "you been smoking again" - yeah i know not so subtle but one word kind of sums it up. GUILT.

I don't want to put my parents through the pain of seeing me die before her, my sister was in a coma recently that wasn't her fault, i would be so ashamed if i was in her position on a hospital bed due to something i could of prevented.

2. SHAME. My mum and dad don't smoke, nor do their parents, so i was the odd one out, all my family knew i did it and they looked down on me for doing so. Kind of reverse peer pressure.

3. Health.

My dad runs. A lot. Marathons sub 3 hours and he's over 50! I want to beat him at that age, and i wont if i keep smoking. ;) Yay for greater lung capacity. (over time, but still, better than removing them!)

But seriously, less chance of cancer, emphysema, and other nasty horrible diseases you can get.

4. Fear of Dying Young

Pretty self explanatory

5. Money

I know there are cheaper ways to kill yourself.....

6. and this is the biggest one for me, Self Respect.

I haven't done much with my life so far, except go to uni, build a website and work for myself, but just to know that i can beat nicotine will give me so much confidence to know i can achieve anything i put my mind to. Although it is probably the most selfish reason to list, its the one that hold true. I want to know i can accomplish this, to get over a drug apparently more addictive then heroin.

7. Girls

Better chance of getting a date, being a non smoker where i live, more opportunities etc

8. Smell

Who wants to smell like an ashtray all the time???

9. Food

I know this links in with a few of the other reasons but hear me out. A better diet will lead to better health, more time preparing my meals than eating junk all the time, more confidence as im getting fitter, the desire to exercise more to burn those extra calories, and as ill be more confident and have more respect ill feel more comfortable with the opposite sex.

10. Other benefits - Smell and Taste, Get IN!!!!!!! Getting them back now, man my place stinks lol, thank you nose for letting me know and doing something about it. Also i can actually taste what im putting in my mouth better (food, for you dirty minded people), go recovering taste buds!!

So those are my reasons, some personal, some social, some psychological, some selfish but all in all they will help me to stop, keep reminding myself why im doing this.

What do you guys think? Are those common reasons? Do they help?

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well said :) :)


Sounds like great reasons to me. Do this for you! May I say I don't know how old you are but working for yourself is a thing to be proud of surely - IMO?

Good luck and go for it xx


thanks everyone, and im 27, hence the name, well you would think so, it being something to be proud of, yet certain people in my life nagging me to get a 'regular job' for the past two to three years, lol, no chance of that happening.


I sit at a desk and work as an assistant from 9-6... if this is 'real' life and what a 'real' job is then don't listen to those people!

I would love to work is something I was extremely passionate about, obviously you are about your job :)


Grrrr....i typed a massive response to this, and then my fingers had a random moment and closed the bloody window down and *puff* it was gone!!

Basically i wanted to say that i can totally relate to pretty much all your points Chris (am 27 too,my dad is a hardcore marathon/fell runner, the self-respect and smell things really hit home) and it has really helped me to see everything down in black and white that i'm thinking.

Congrats on your quit and i will maybe come back in a bit and post the long ramble i'd originally penned....right now i'm going to find a lollipop....!!!;)


I look at it as living rather than recovering :)

The reasons you evoke are certainly provocative. However, taken as whole, I find them somewhat discriminative and alienating.

In Belgium some time ago we had an ad campaign that said:

"Fumeur ou pas, soyons courtois" which means "Smoker or not, let's be polite" (it rhymes in French :-))

Basically, it means that whether we smoke or not, we should be courteous to each other.

I have always believed in being courteous, and will always support those who choose to smoke and their right to smoke, even though I have chosen to give it up for my own reasons.

Similarly, I support those who don't smoke.


I have seen a few of your posts MF but always have to read the whole thread again to understand your reply, and yet again I have had to read the thread and all the posts to understand why you have responded in the way you have i.e. insinuating that the thread or some part of it has come across in some way rude or discriminating!!!!!!! I cannot find anything in the thread or the posts that gives this impression.

Please explain your reasoning because I’m not sure whether it is a language problem and what you are writing doesn’t interpret correctly into English or is it that you are trying to get some kind of reaction from other members??? If this is the case please explain why you feel this need.

I am I think an intelligent and understanding person and I would just like to understand your motives.

Also can you show me where on this thread someone has appeared discorteus to either smokers or non smokers?


Thats fine Michael, what I am saying is if that is the case why post on this thread as your statement has no bearing regarding the contents of this thread or the posts contained in it ??


Jamangie, I was referrring to the background of some of the reasons, and was not making any derogatory statement about the person posting them, nor about anyone else who posted in the thread.

My point was simply to say that in general we should not feel compelled to smoke or quit smoking based on other people's judgement and remain curteous to one another regardles of our choices, but that is just my opinion.


Right ok, as im back on this forum i can reply to this, i see that under his name it says banned, but ill still reply in case he reads this.

What you say regarding smoking and other peoples judgement is crap/rubbish/bulls**t.

"we should not feel compelled to smoke or quit smoking based on other peoples judgement" you say.

Well, how many people started smoking because of "others people judgment" ie peer pressure. Probably most people that start smoking, so me stopping because of what someone else thinks of me is AS GOOD A REASON AS ANY, especially as those people were my parents.

Non-smokers (my parents) wont be in my position, so they will never know the emotional aspect of what they said regarding the guilt i felt when they made a comment about me smoking. It is HORRIBLE, and i wanted to stop that feeling, so tell me why i shouldn't stop because of what they said. You think i want to feel like crap all the time?

By your reasoning i should carry on smoking because my parents judgment wasn't a good enough reason. Well, I've got two words for you, and the last one is OFF.


well said Chris, some people put crap on just to provoke reaction

Good Luck with your quit



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