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mind in overdrive why not to quit...is this normal?


please forgive me for rambling on but my social network are all non smokers so they simply do not get the turmoil of the smoking battle.

when i set my mind to something i do it and i see it through but it often takes a long period of contemplation. for years i battled with my weight and finally lost nearly 4 stone through a healthy and sustainable mix of eating and excercise - 4 years on i have never looked back. so i know i have the willpower within...

so why oh why is my mind constantly throwing all the negatives of giving up smoking at me? this morning i was so positive and ordered my e cig all ready to quit on wednesday when it arrives. tonight i have conjured a million and one reasons why not to quit most notably i have convinced myself i am going to be simply miserable when i lose my best friend mr cigarette.

i must do it this time and want to although i am unsure whether i am 100% committed simply for fear of the strength it is going to take to fight the battle.

is this normal? please please tell me im not going mad:confused:

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24 weeks ago right now I was going through the same thing.

"How would i cope without my ciggies? "

"What if I failed again? "

"It's part of you"

"You like it"

Blah, blah

But none of it was true.

There is one reason we keep smoking once enjoying it has worn off and that's fear.

All those fears are BS - we don't need to inhale cigarette smoke to be happy, to cope or any of that!!

You *will* manage, you *will* be fine and you must try not to worry about it :)

Hi , somethings are worth mulling over, cigarettes aren't. Keep that positivity you had this morning. Below is something to read and mull over. It may help.

Yolande810 posted this, the day I quit I read this, it told me everything which was wrong with smoking, how ultimately selfish it is to all those I care for and how MR CIGARETTE IS MY WORST ENEMY. Never a friend.

With this puff I enslave myself

to a lifetime of addiction.

While I can’t promise to always love you,

I do promise to obey every craving and

support my addiction to you

no matter how expensive you become.

I will let no husband or wife,

no family member or friend,

no doctor or any other health professional,

no employer or government policy,

no burns or no stench,

no cough or raspy voice,

no cancer or emphysema,

no heart attack or stroke,

no threat of loss of life or limbs,

come between us.

I will smoke you forever

from this day forth,

for better or worse,

whether richer or poorer,

in sickness and in health,

till death do us part!

“You may now light the cigarette.”

“I now pronounce you a full-fledged smoker

thanks to both of you - feeling a little more motivated now. have a cheapie electronic cigarette here which i havent used really but instead of my "just before bed (habit) cigarette" ive had a couple of puffs and feel fine heading off to my slumber.

they say we should always have one really strong motivator - tonight i told my Dad my plan to quit once and for all. His words just reinforced its the right decision - "honey, i don't care about the money, i dont even care about the stigma of smoking, i just care about having our daughter still with us - i am so proud that you have finally made this decision and know you can do it for YOURSELF, not for us". it nearly made me cry....

thanks again - onwards and upwards...


It's normal. Your rational mind wants you to stop. Your emotional self is ok with the plan until is not ok. Your emotions will battle with your rational mind until one wins over the other.

Long-term battles require aligning your emotional self with your rational self.

It takes strength of mind, and not giving into emotions. Over time, your emotions will naturally align to your rational thought.

Don't give up!


:) good on ya and remember when you feel the urge to smoke, feel like punching something then use this forum.

Everyone here has been through or is starting the same journey, you'll get all the support you need ( I stand by this statement).

Good luck - no turning back now! You will be fine, it just takes time, patience and will power. We can ALL do this - we just need to want to do it. Keep us posted with your progress. We are all here to help!

Hey Newstart, well done on your decision to quit :) It is one of the best you will ever make!

To give you a bit of perspective, I was a very unsure quitter to begin with. I genuinly believed it wouldn't last and was waiting around for something to make me fail. But I'm so damn stubborn sometimes that I just couldn't let it happen.

Luckily my stubbornness has paid of and I am now a very happy non-smoker!

Stick with your gut instinct of wanting to stop; it's the right decision and your mind is just playing tricks with you. This is what addiction is all about!


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