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19 days quit

So 19 days now, and all seems to be going well. Not really thinking about smoking at all, maybe a couple of fleeting ones here and there but luckily nothing that even remotely makes me actually think I would have a ciggie.

As the weather is actually quite nice and bright today I am going to take little one out for a walk later, probably to the duck pond (considering my mum and I both bought a loaf of bread yesterday!). Have lots of deliveries due though - one from toysrus arrived, but waiting on new memory card for this computer (it will not power skype and I need that so little one can talk to dad in states without costing a fortune!), batteries for Thomas the Tank engine and his friends (stupid little batteries) and several for my mum!

Little one is doing well at night time potty training - one accident in 7 nights so cannot complain. He is very proud of himself, and jumps out of bed and runs to tell nanny in the morning if he is dry! He is also sleeping 9pm to 9am which is very nice for me!

Still waiting on news on lots of fronts so I know where my life is actually going (i.e. am I heading back to the states in the NY or staying here with a job). It is a stressful nightmare, son's dad wants him back there (understandably), but cannot financially provide at the moment, parents want us here as he already owes them for bailing him out and they don't want me and son back in financial dire straits. I would love to go back but need to know all the ducks are in a row for us first, but do feel a bit like I am holding son ransom! Oh well, enough of my worries - as long as his dad does not attempt to extradite us I cannot complain!

Here's to day 20....

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sounds like you have some pretty big decisions to make honey. I just wanted to say well done to you for keeping up with your quit, you are doing so well. Have a great time at the duckpond!


Whoop, whoop Hun 19 days already. Well chuffed with u :)

Keep up the good work and dont give in, you and i will soon be in the month 1 section.

PS Thats great news on your little man, soon be completely dry. Enjoy the rest of this sunny November Day.



Congrats on your quit. 19 days was a real turning point for me. I found it tough going up to that point and day 19 was probably the first day that i actually felt reasonably normal again. It started to get easier from then on in. You just need to have confidence in yourself, be sure you won't smoke again and don't let your guard down.

Take it a step at a time, you are doing great so far. Keep it up!


Hey Genes

Well done on 19 days, you are doing great.


That's great Joanna! 19 days!!! Woo hoo! :)

Your quit sounds very solid!!

Keep going!

Ed xx


I have to admitt that this time the quit has been quite easy! And I even quit cold turkey, but I think that I got so scared that it made me just totally change my whole thinking. I have had a "few" cravings here and there but nothing I can't handle which I tell myself do you really want to put that stuff back in your body and start all over again...then I am fine.

Glad to hear you are doing so well under the stress you are under, have to give you credit. I hope everything works out for you.

Good job also on your quit and keep up the good work!


Sounds good michelle.

I am at a weird point thinking about my quit. I think if I explain my smoking history it might help. Started at 18 years old. 1st CT quit when 21 for 8 months, started while revising for finals as in a house where everyone else smoked. Then quit again when I was 23 for 14 months, then started again (no idea why or how), then quit again when I was 26 for 14 months. I started because of home problems and a **** it attitude. Therefore, I am pretty sure that I will be fine in the early stages. My problem comes MUCH later when I get complacent, and that is why I do not trust myself.

Fingers crossed.


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