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HI all

Hi :D Im lee for those who dont know me

I been a member for a long time now lol and still not free from the nicotine trap.:D

I been back to smoking for 5 months now:eek:

Before that i had a good 4 month quit but lost it due to my life changing moving house etc new job. And when that happened i kinda took my eye off the ball And stoped thinking about my quit and stoped coming on here and just gave intro my craves and fell back into the nicotine trap.

I want to quit but also know i love smoking alot. I know thats a crazy thing to say because it contradicts on what i just said. But thats my mind frame at the moment so i know i got alot of work to do lol.

I know i will do it when i get my mind in the right place i gotta keep reading and learning again why we smoke and all about the nicotine trap.

Then just need to figure out how to keep a quit. Sounds easy when i type it but i know its going to be very hard allot of the times when i get to that place.

lee x

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Hi Lee

As you so rightly say, it is all down to you getting your head around it.

All I can say is we look forward to welcoming you back as a quitter again, when your time is right.


Hi Lee

As Garry has pointed out its down to you and of course your personal choice. Its only you that can decide which road your going to take and when.

It will be nice to see you start on the road that leads to you becoming smoke free but until your ready we will just sit here quietly and help when its needed.

Everybody has there own reasons to stop smoking and if you know that its what you want to do then the battle is half won but if your not sure its going to be harder on you. I am on my 3rd attempt and i am now about to go into Week 3 which for me is great because i look at why i never suceeded the last 2 times and worked on those making sure that this time im better prepared.

I knew i never wanted to smoke and i also knew that i NEVER enjoyed it one little bit but it had me hooked and i could not just switch off, maybe thats why i have found it a little easier this time because i did not like it anyhow.

You have to do what is right for you, no matter what others say there is only 1 person who can make that decision and that is YOU.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Its personal choice and we hope that you make the right one.

Good luck


Thanks guys:D

Yeah i know what the right choice is. i dont really enjoy it, im just being tricked in thinking that way.

My reason for me is i dont want to be a slave to the nicotine because it controls me and a few othert reasons.

I think ill be on that road soon again.Im going to listen to my allan carr cds when i get time that will help me focus more.

lee x:cool:


Hello Boss! Good to see you back. You know the drill and I know you will do it this time. You know where I am if you need me. Xx


Hey Ace - another old friend here - great to see you and hope you'll join the gang soon......

Jane x


Hi Ace.

I can relate to what you are saying off 24 days but really love a smoke,but I am strong keep on board and at least you know you can do it.



Welcome back Ace! I was right with you back in January. I lost my way and it took me 3 1/2 months to get back on the waggon. Think of it this way - if you stop today, you might be quit in time for Christmas!!


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