No Smoking Day
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Hi one and all

Popping my head in the door, with a big hello, and big smile.

All is ok, with situations and difficulties as per norm, but with a big smile , I'm still smoke free, it's a true delight, to be free, from the slavery of smoking, I've realised it's quite difficult to smoke, not least, as we can't smoke any where these days.

I remember being able to smoke






But now, no, none of these places, indeed this is good for us quitters, but my golly gosh so difficult and may I say time consuming, it's so hard to smoke, so much easier not to.

That said I have my moments and huge bars of chocolate, but as I say doing ok

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Good for you Tracey, keep in touch....

(PS How far along are you now, don't think you let me know your last quit date, recognition for your milestone achieved I feel is very important in our quits?)


Hiya Tracey, good to hear from you and glad you're back into it. I remember being able to smoke on planes (in the back few rows of seats) and on buses (upstairs). It seems unthinkable now. There used to be ashtrays in the back of the seat in front of you at the cinema too! I'm showing my age.


I don't remember the exact date, i don't have it written down.

I would like to know how long I've been stopped my self😀

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Hey Tracey3, I looked back over your posts and you were back with us after your 3 week holiday in February, and were back on track a month - so you will be 100 days on Tuesday, over 3 months, good woman, keep in touch and close to us (did you get your eye problem sorted?)


Oh my, I,m a little happy with that. I haven't kept track,maps I feel it's a pressure for me,

Thanks for looking

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hi Tracey3

always good to hear from you 😁

I've been about,mainly just reading post.

you need to post a funny story,plastic grass 😁

you can always bring a smile 😁

hope you are ok 😊

you take care 😊

keep kicking 😁


Oh yes this is very recent HUBBY D.I.Y

as we've been renovating, I was not keen to spend another summer renovating upstairs, so decided we must make a start on the garden , not having a garden fund, so just doing what we can.

Patio needed extending by one row of slabs, this is what happens next

As my hubby is mixing sand cement, I say it's a bit dry ( dry it was) next day slabs not stuck down, without knowing hubby bought no more nails ( other brands available) glued them all down, so I,m not knowing this, but then frost and a bit of snow, as I walk to view my newly allotted darf fruit trees, I,m looking and thinking,, looking and thinking again, every slab is covered in what I can describe as white blobs all over the sides, now I know the truth of his antics, this product is not to be used out doors, and certainly not frost prof, slabs had not set again.

As I always say, do it right first time,.

Ah well back to laying slabs again

Needless to say I had a chat with him, without coffee, now he knows chats without coffee are not good

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And of course, smoking in the office.

Great Weekend to All.

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:( :D


Yep, I can remember having an overflowing ashtray on my desk at work.

Well done Tracey, good job!!


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