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thanks for being there for me

hiya everybody - im a newbie but have been reading all your posts for a while now. im on day 11 now - yipee. ive been having a really rubbish few days and worry bout my health at the best of times, even before my body started doing weird things because of withdrawal. but every time my body started feeling bizarre and before i started panicking:o (and probably giving myself a panic attack) i'd read this forum and find 20+ people feeling exactly the same thing. :D

never met any of you but youve helped me so much. it's a comfort knowing youre all there when i need support :) thanks.

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Hi Amy

Congrats on 2 things giving up the cigs and reaching day 11, your a day behind me. :)

Just thinking you should join our October quit group. Here is the link to that

Anyhow, heres to the days, weeks and months passing us by and being smoke free.

Keep on posting, as together we can do this.



thanks jo!!! we all should be proud of ourselves for trying to give up. my OH refuses to even try to quit so we've already done the hardest bit - deciding we dont want smoking to be a part of our lives anymore. hoping the impending cold weather combined with smoking now being banned from our house might convince OH that smoking is not a good thing. lol. ;)

Does anyone else find that some days seem to fly by (e.g. day 7 - 9 went so fast) whilst others seem to drag on for eternity:confused:

makes you feel crazy!!!!!

worth it though!! one day at a time!!

Cant wait to celebrate one month smoke!!!


Hiya Hun, welcome to the site, congrats on doing so well!

I find that after the first week the times flown. I'll be 3 weeks quit on monday, and it seems like just yesterday i was contemplating quitting!

This site and the people on it are great, you'll be glad that you joined :)


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